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Here Be Creations has been on my mind for many years. With technology, print-on-demand and online marketing stores it became too much to resist.
Sometimes the mind must be given time to find the muse, trying to achieve this while in work proved too hard. Creativity can not blossom in confusion or empty emotion. As such, I left my job and set up Here Be Creations – a clean break. A risky venture with some trepidation... but new life extends… right! To be honest, if I do not try this now (at 50+) then I am sure I would regret it later in years.
I begin this journey concentrating on digital art, pattern tiles and abstract designs, including Gripping Beasts. A main theme is nature and the natural world using bright colours. Decoration is also key to many of my designs and there is often a décor elegance to them.
Décor, Arts & Crafts, Aubrey Beardsley and William Morris to name but a few, are major influences. Myths, legends (mainly Nordic) and Arthurian tales send me off to far places, away from the day-to-day. Yes! I am a daydreamer… to lose my dreams is a great fear and this was part of the reason I left my job to pursue the world.
If you want to contact me and discuss anything I do, social media is the best way to do this. I am registered with all key social sights so there should be one that suits you. This allows you to stay as anonymous as you like but also protects me. Give me time to respond as it may not be immediate.