The 80s were glorious! They gave us a constant string of one-hit wonders on the radio, fashion trends that included florescent colors and zipper-latent jackets, and hairstyles that used so much hairspray even gale force winds couldn't move them! The 80's were also when Audre and Devin first met.

As the following decades took the two on very different paths, Audre and Devin reconnected in the early 2010s, when Audre was a guest on an award-winning podcast that Devin helped establish. It wasn't long after that Audre caught a severe case of 'podcast fever' and approached Devin about producing a new show, geared around taking the stigma out of mental health issues. "Real Talk with Audre" had a great reception and the on-air chemistry between the two was clearly something listeners treasured.

Following a hiatus of more than a year (those damn kids!), Audre and Devin decided it was time to reunite with a refined vision and launched "Here's the Deal." The new show continues to blend their professional and personal insights - along with their trademark humor - with their unabashed goal of normalizing everyday issues.

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