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Hey everyone! 👋 We've had many of you ask if you can donate or help us in some way, so we created this page where you can "Buy us a Mickey Bar" 😁 
Someone bought 3 mickey bars.

Thank you for a great channel to help us decide on room bookings :-)

Someone bought a mickey bar.

I love your channel! Thank you for all you do!

GoofyTall & DIS-Connecting
GoofyTall & DIS-Connecting bought a mickey bar.

it's about time. Wanting to support someone after my own heart, who is brave enough to pursue it!

The Foley Family
The Foley Family bought 3 mickey bars.

We love your channel.  I will NEVER grow up (and I'm a Boomer).  Please keep the videos coming!!

Amy Bergmann
Amy Bergmann bought 20 mickey bars.

Great job!  Thank you!