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I'm Heather and I'm a little bit Downton and a little bit Little House.

I'm passionate about growing and preserving as much food as my small city lot allows. I garden, raise chickens and try to take control of my food supply as much as possible. I like doing things for myself and I'm very committed to living a lower waster, lower consumption life. 

Very into canning, and I write about that a lot because canning is cool. I love to cook (and eat) and enjoy throwing 'fancy' dinner parties and entertaining. I am incapable of discarding a glass jar and have a worm farm. I also have way too many books and love to collect art.

I write about all of that at 

I'm also a small business owner and entrepreneur and I'll sharing my experiences starting and growing a business (Custom Wig Company) over the past decade, as well as my experience as a content creator for Hey Big Splendor.

And finally, I'll talk about my newest business project, my micro Market Garden, where I sell fresh cut herbs and eggs.