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Hi! 😁 👋 My name is Anna and I send out a newsletter called Mad Girl’s Missive twice a month. It's where I talk about kdramas + my awkward, clumsy attempts in navigating life. We are in the middle of a pandemic and I am hoping my newsletter will make you laugh or feel a bit better, if even only while reading it. (But! I hope it goes to beyond that chunk of time when you first read it.)

Aside from that newsletter, I also have a blog called "Hey Starshine." I've been blogging for years and writing is really both a passion and therapy for me.

Treating me to 🍕 is optional, but it would help me in my writing and other creative endeavors. If you find that my writing interests or resonates with you, you can now buy me pizza! 😁 And if you have done that, I cannot thank you enough. 😊 ❤️

Stay safe, folks!