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Well hey there, ya glorious sack of skin...

heytheremrmary is the online presence of Taz T Mary - A singer, songwriter, trouble-maker, handpoke witch, joyous movement lover & short-shorts aficionado who once wrote a children’s book which in retrospect may not be for children. They are happiest connecting to others through performance or skin art. And you my little glorious anomaly... you’ve made it to my Buy Me A Coffee page.

This BMC page is what I’ve always wanted from a community - like-minded oddities who appreciate we’re just monkeys wearing shoes, clinging to a rock as it hurtles through space. Or in other terms this page is for people who want to help keep my content free from ads & who want to grant the freedom to MAKE WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT. Whether it’s signing on with a year’s support or buying me a coffee or two - thank you!