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What You Might Not Know About Krypto Tre ...

What You Might Not Know About Krypto Trekker

Mar 31, 2021

More facts about Krypto Trekker on Youtube:

I've been getting a few questions from some of you, and so I would like to take this time to answer them =)

1. Why don't you add music to your videos?

I always like to think that people who visit a channel will check out the description, or the "About" page, because they will soon find out that this is pretty much an AMBIENCE channel. In a nutshell, my channel is about Virtual Travel with all natural sounds. I don't add music because I am focused on presenting my viewers with a real experience like they are actually there doing the exploring themselves.

2. Why don't you talk in your videos?

As I mentioned before on another Q&A, this channel is not about me. It's about the people I meet and the places that I visit along the way. I am not a vlogger, I am a content creator focused on creating videos for my viewers. My sole purpose is to provide content to hopefully help my viewers get fully immersed in a real experience.

3. Why don't you show your face?

I am not a vlogger trying to make a name for myself. My focus is not about branding me (I'm not selling anything), my focus is about providing real content for my viewers without any distractions. There are plenty of channels out there where people talk in front of the camera, this is NOT one of them. I do in fact randomly add text to my videos, but not all the time. Instead of showing my face, I would rather show more valuable content for my viewers.

WRAPPING THINGS UP:  My videos are created with a very "minimalistic approach". There is nothing fancy about it. Hardly any cuts or editing, no music unless I have to cover up copyright music, no fancy special effects because that's not real life, and lastly, no talking or showing my face because that is a distraction when you are truly exploring places (ever been to a movie theater and get distracted by ppl talking?)

So that's about it guys. I have been a minimalist content creator for almost 9+ years now. For me, there is nothing better than experiencing a place and people in its most natural state. "Krypto Trekker" will bring you real life sights and sounds with no sugar coating. There will be controversy in some of my videos, but that is only because I share the truth in places. I use the journalistic approach to filming (accept the truth, do something about it, or move on), not the concept of vlogging cover ups and only showing so-called "nice" and "modern" places. The bottom line, I show real places with real locals.

EX. If you dislike a video because it presents life of poverty or something of non-high society, then do something about it. These videos are not only created to spark interest, but also here to raise awareness for people who might indeed have the ability to make things happen, unlike the latter.

If my way of filming is what you fancy, then this channel and my upcoming videos will be right up your alley, thanks for visiting =)

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