Your tricks are totally working! I can't believe The Prophecy has risen in the rankings so fast AND I have so many new readers signing up! Thanks again! --Danielle Paquette-Harvey, Author, Longing Mates series

When I started coaching via Zoom consulting calls in March 2021, I never expected to have seventeen

satisfied students including a few annual members by the end of December! I was just hoping to help one or two of you, and it skyrocketed into a coaching business I'm proud to say has helped more than a handful of authors find their way.

While the bulk of you are self-published authors of novels, a few are poets, and a few have been looking into getting published traditionally. Don't forget that I was and I still am traditionally published - my audio books are all in agent-brokered, traditional deals with advances - so I can help you with finding an agent or publishing house or both! I simply find more and more of you are trying the self-publishing route. I can help you find success with both options.

All of you have the potential for great success as writers. What makes some realize their goals while others do not isn't about luck. It's not about who you know. It's about persistence, putting in the writing work consistently every day, and having a few self-publishing branding, marketing and advertising tricks up your sleeve. That's where I come in!

I hope that I'll be seeing most of you again this year for a coaching session or two. I'm also available for annual memberships which are cheaper than Zooming with me four times (and with your membership, we'll zoom once a month and you can message me with questions in Instagram or via email, whatever you prefer!) Please do pass along this coaching website link to your friends and family.

It's been rewarding teaching all of you and wonderful to realize that each of you has taught me something, too. Your passion and drive have reminded me why I started writing in the first place. All for the love of storytelling.

You will succeed! We've got this together.

Happy New Year!

Heather Grace Stewart