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Hi, I'm Hugo, a product addict, and a solution maker. 👋 

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I've been experimenting all kinds of things and hacking things together since my youngest years. Built my first website in 2006, at 12. At 14, started a podcast. By 15, I had taught myself web development (CMS, PHP & MySQL), web design (Photoshop & Illustrator) and server management (Linux). 

Despite all my failures over the years, solving problems by creating and hunting products has always been a part of me. I want to solve people's problems while disrupting traditional ways to make this world better. Not only by making products and creating spreadsheets, but also by helping heart-centered entrepreneurs scale their business using systems & automation.

Over the last 15+ years, I worked as a digital performance analyst, conversion optimization specialist, marketing director in agencies and startups, and a growth hacker at a 600+ employee company and I'm now a partner & advisor in a Canadian-based Linkedin Marketing agency.

I create systems and automation for 6 figures female entrepreneurs, so they only work 20 hours per week, and do more of that they love.

Within 6 months, one client doubled their revenue from $25k/month to $50k/month, and went from 2 to 6 full time employees. Plus, the founder stopped working IN the business and went from working 65 hours per week to 19h/week. 

“In one consultation, Hugo looked at my business and saw a ton of ways to improve it. I cannot believe I used to do this, I was on autopilot, now we’re making more than we were doing before!"

It's done by having optimized dialed in systems, automating repetitive day-to-day tasks, delegating to VAs with standardized processes, connecting different softwares together, tracking metrics to build dashboards, coding custom solutions, configuring implemented tools, etc. 

It really comes down to optimizing the business and the life of the person to not be “ON” at all times, while growing and scaling without worrying about any issues with their tools, systems, automation, or tracking.

Anything that’s manually done, has a tool to replace it, a way to automate it or to make it more efficient. Even if it seems impossible, I will always find a solution.

In a nutshell, I'm a happy mix between a CTO, a CMO and a COO. Some clients even call me the "tools encyclopedia" because I know softwares for almost everything, saving them time to research and trial, and often, hundreds or thousands of dollars in subscription costs.

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