To be included in my Sunday Distance Reiki Healing session, all you have to do is leave your full name in the comments (or PM) Find somewhere quiet to sit or lie down for 30 minutes. You don't have to believe - you just have to be open to it! You may be surprised!

Once your comfy, start to concentrate on your breathing as you begin to relax, clear your mind of thoughts and focus on your heart. Imagine a warm circle of light ( a bit like the Sun) in the centre of your heart and breathe - any general thoughts that come in your mind just brush them aside and come back to the heart.

While you are relaxing and doing the above mentioned, I will be doing what I need to do at my end and here's a little of the process so you have an idea of what's going on. I can't tell you the actual things I say or symbols etc I use as these are sacred, but I can give a summary.

Every name I have received lives in my Reiki Distance Healing Box, a special wooden box specifically intended for distance healing. In the box are drawings of the symbols I need to use, a clear quartz crystal Angel, an ancient relic and my healing chakra pendulum. Every name is written on separate pieces of paper and each have been held in my hands and intentions set for the person before going in the box where they remain until the session day. I feel that the connection and healing starts as soon as the name is in the box.

For the session I prepare myself by intentional bathing first I like to feel totally fresh and cleansed, preparing my space, making sure everything is ready like candle, pendulums and anything else I feel I need to bring to a particular session. I get myself seated in front of my Healing Box around 10 minutes before the session time, this is when I am preparing myself, getting grounded, meditating, calling on the Higher Realms, setting intentions for the session, asking for protection and giving thanks.

I imagine a hand made of warm white and gold light coming down from the Heavens, through my crown and a hand made of earthy and pink coloured tree roots coming up from the centre of the Earth - these hands meet in a clasp at my heart and hold on to each other. This is the technique I use for connecting and grounding. Once I feel the connection, I know I am open and ready to channel the Universal Life Force Energy and I'm sending that to you - just like an email through the internet - sending the healing energy through my hands to the box, to the names, across time and space to settle in it's intended place.

The last 5 minutes of the session is where I am sealing in the loving energy healing intentions, ensuring we are all kept protected and grounded and 'disconnecting'. That's it in brief. So if you'd like to be included in this Sundays session please comment at least 6 hours before the session time in order to be included this week.

Blessed Be