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Hi there! I’m Mark Isero, editor in chief of The Highlighter.

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Someone bought 3 cookies.
Jessica Phan
Jessica Phan bought 3 cookies.


Wow, thank you for the basket of cookies! Unfortunately, I was told I can’t eat any more cookies today. (Yours I’ll save for breakfast tomorrow.) 😃 

Tony bought 3 cookies.

I appreciate your consistency and I hope the cookies are yummy. See you Sunday.

They are ginger cookies, Tony, and yes, they are yummy! Thank you for all 3 (1 eaten so far), and see you Sunday at Article Club.

Elizabeth lopez
Elizabeth lopez bought 5 cookies.

Thanks for keeping me informed.   I  love the highlighter.

So much coffee, Lopez! Thank you. I appreciate you and am very grateful for your support. (Plus you were there at HHH #1.) Hope you're resting up (as much as is possible) this summer.

Claire Anderson @CAndersonRipple
Claire Anderson @CAndersonRipple bought 5 cookies.

Thank you so much for hosting Article of the Month. I really enjoyed getting to know the Highlighter community and learned so much from the discussion. Looking forward to joining you all again, soon!

Great to meet you last Sunday, I appreciated your thoughtful contributions to our discussion, and thank you for participating in Article Club. Also I am grateful for all the coffee; it will propel and sustain me! Thank you Claire. 😃