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Hi friend!

I'm Hima Batavia - a writer, performance artist, and designer/facilitator of experiences and conversations, living as a settler on the traditional lands of T'karonto.

My practice is rooted in emergent, experimental and collaborative world-building processes that explore the deconstruction of identity, non-dual thinking and knowing, and interspecies communication and merging. I write a weekly living journal called afternoon dreams, which focuses on collective liberation at the intersection of the personal, spiritual and political.

Most recently, I performed a 7-hour durational piece where I played an Indian climate migrant, named Akanzyla, who was living in a possible future in T'karonto in 2050, and released a series of audio experiences, called Desire Paths, where artists take field trips in the process of imagining possible futures of T'karonto. I also sit on the boards of Reset, and Mayworks Festival of Working People for the Arts. 

Over the years, I have collaborated with organizations including Myseum, Luminato, Artscape, Staples, Woodgreen Community Services, Centre for Social Innovation, Dr. Mark Hyman, St. Stephens Community House, Clinton Health Access Initiative, United Nations Foundation, World Health Organization and more.

As a South Asian cis-woman, I stand in solidarity with Black liberation and Indigenous resurgence, and am growing my practice in police and gender abolition, as well as existing in a reciprocal relationship with the living world. 

I am deeply touched by your love and support. 

Hima Batavia

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