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Primary support: Celestial

Celestial is a publishing interface that allows you to write posts on your own website as though it were your independent, online social profile.

For the default interface, I'm trying not to re-invent the wheel where possible and rely as much as possible on HTML and CSS for a friendly user-interface built for the long run. An exclusive, optional web-app might be available soon.

Own your blog, and take back the web!

Currently, Celestial has the following features:

* Publish an article or a note.
* Send a reply.
* Like or repost content published elsewhere.
* Create events.
* RSVP to others' events.

I'm working on decoupling some modules (IndieAuth, potentially Micropub), removing TypeScript on the server side, and improving the UI even more.

Secondary support: SmallCamp

I also run SmallCamp, a community of mostly close-knit friends who are looking to move away from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to a more libre and safer space online. If you're a small camper, this is where you'd support me for the server costs. 😊

Other projects

* miniflux-sanity: Command line utility to mark items older than specified time as read in Miniflux. 📔
* Freelancing in India: A Handbook: A simple and comprehensive guide to start making sense of the legal framework for Indian freelancers.
* Smix Eleventy Starter: A starter kit for Eleventy v0.11.0 and Forestry CMS, based on gulp v4.
* Bill My Pocket: List of subscriptions that are globally budget friendly, thanks to regional pricing.
* Guest Comments API: A simple Express API written in TypeScript for guest comments on a static site. Primarily in use @