Just to let you know the following resources have been uploaded to the members only folder this week.*

  • Elizabeth's Problems Risk Assessment and linked 16m practice.

  • Fully Editable homework booklets for Topic 1 Elizabeth

  • Religious Settlement Success worksheet

  • Legitimacy Worksheet

  • Scripts from this week's videos

  • Editable 10 questions and tell the story task for the Police State video

  • Editable model answers and worksheet for questions 3b & 3c

Highlights coming up next week

  • Government and Society fill the gap structure sheet

  • Consequences of WW1 for Germany worksheet

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the Weimar Republic worksheet

  • Fully Editable homework booklets for all topics covered so far

*All resources were created using Microsoft Office so its best to download them and open them in MS. They can be opened in Google but may require tidying.