Buy Danny North a pizza


I've loved Legends of Runeterra since the game released, and i'm loving it even more since full release! I wanted to build something that could provide real value to the community and I really hope that you've enjoyed the app i've made and it's helped you also enjoy Legends of Runeterra even more.

Making the Runeterra History Tracker has been a labor of love for me as i've been balancing my work on this, my normal job, and my life as a father.

Unfortunately the history tracker data that I provide has a cost. I use services that charge money so that I can give the community the data for free. Any amount that you feel like you can give to help relieve that burden that I have willingly incurred for the community would be most appreciated.

Any contribution also helps me know that my work is appreciated and will motivate me to make more/better features!

I hope you continue to enjoy the Runeterra History Tracker and look forward to its bright future!