Newest project - modular buildings

Newest project - modular buildings

Aug 04, 2022

After building the Checkpoint hut I began considering how to use a similar design to make modular buildings. Here's a peek at some of the components. You'd have walls, short walls, corner posts (upper and lower) and straight posts (upper and lower), roofs, floors, and stairs. Unfortunately, because it need to be "castable" I don't have a way to snap them together and apart. You'd have to use a removable adhesive.

I picked a design that would work for Star Wars, GI Joe, Halo, and many other 3 3/4" figure lines. I'm actually considering funding for this via Kickstarter. Reason being, I have sometimes had to invest a lot into molds and master parts. The Virago for example cost a fortune and I have yet to sell even one. I can't afford another situation like that. Also, upon releasing a new item, I get backlogged on that item. This would be a way I could essentially take preorders and fill those by a future date. These would then not interfere with the flow of other items and orders.

I want to add more components too so if you have any ideas, feel free to share. Do you like the design?

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