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The Backlog from Hell

Apr 12, 2022

I want to make everyone aware that I am still dealing with the double trouble of trying to stock for ICCC con as well as the enormous backlog of orders. What is compounding the problem is so many people having ordered the same parts. The TIE Crawler sold very well and so did the Tractor Beam Generator. The previous new part released was the Chasm Bridge Stub which has remained a strong seller. Since its a "complimentary"part, this means a lot of people ordered the Chasm Doorway to go with it. The Elevator and door are still being ordered regularly as well. So there are very few orders right now where I can get them done as shipped because most contain one or all of these same parts.

I only have two more weeks to get stocked for ICCC and finish determining my booth set up. I need to "stay on target" and make sure to finish up my inventory first before getting too sidetracked on orders. This show will cost me more than most shows I've done and with the cost of fuel, it won't help its one of the furthest away we've gone to vend at. While it would be great to sell everything, its doubtful that would happen and maybe that means some orders can immediately be filled afterward if need be.

I'm exhausted and have usually been doing 10-12 hour days. With over 100 different diorama parts, I've never tried to stock so much for a show. I can stock props a bit faster. Oh yeah, I still need to make a few of those to take along too!

To check out ICCC in Nashville, here's their website https://iccollectorsconvention.com/

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