“Is she coming?” asked Mathew

“I don’t know” answered Helen, as they looked over the lake. “Wait; I feel something” she uttered as she tried to focus here senses

“Looking for someone?” asked Korra, from behind them

“Mother said your talents were good - but I must admit, sneaking past my seeker sight is most impressive” Helen said, in amazement

“Have the others arrived?”

“Yes. They are waiting for us”

“Then let’s get going” Korra uttered, before heading for the cabin

“Wow; she is hot” Mathew whispered to his sister

“If you like that of kind of thing”

The door creaked open as Korra entered the cabin. She looked at the faces of those gathered; which told her that none of them knew of the reason they all had gathered.

“Welcome everyone” greeted Luther, leader of the house of Zora, “I hope you are all comfortable and that you had a nice journey here.”

“Save the speech for the speechless Luther, why have we gathered here?” asked Vick, leader of the vamp Vampires.

The vamps Vampires; born from an act of love a hundred years ago. When a member of the house of Flame feel in love with a human; he loved her so much that he decided to marry her and have a child by her. The child grew in the shadows; half vampire, half human; never revealed to the other Vampire houses, as the father feared his rejection. However his son did not see it that way; he thought his father was ashamed of him and thus hated his father more and more with every day that passed, until one night; filled with anger, he killed his beloved father. With his dying breath, the father cursed all vamps, to never bear a child or have magical powers; a curse that stands till this day, as the six houses have dared not remove it. And so; the vamps hatred is now pointed at them, as they multiply by infecting humans with their venom.

“My wife, has had a vision that concerns us all”, Luther uttered, as his wife now took center stage

“In my vision I saw a mountain, covered with snow and a large door stood at its side; a girl placed six gems into six holes and the door opened. From the door came forth a large castle and from that castle came a horror that consumed the world; our heads were cut off our bodies and placed before a throne, as evil sat on it and laughed in delight.” Catherine said

“What does it mean?” asked Lora, leader of the house of Flame

“I have consulted the archives and I believe that it mean that the House of Dra-cu-da is to be released from their prison” answered Luther

“House of Dra-cu-da!?” they all gasped

“Are you sure Luther; could it be your wife’s vision is wrong or perhaps your translation is wrong as well?” suggested Titus, leader of the House of Victory

“No. My wife’s vision are always true enough and my translation of them have never failed; I believe there is a Vampire out their looking for the six gems and she is getting close”

“Why now; I mean, after three thousand years?” Vick asked

“Our ancestors after having imprisoned Dracuda and his family inside the mountain scattered across the world and hide the gems; we do not know where; because our ancestors were so afraid that someone among us might be tempted to revive Dracuda and his family”

“Then how is this Vampire going to find them if you don’t even know where to look?”

“That is why I have gathered you all here; we need to combine our magic powers to locate the Vampire who is trying to destroy the world by bringing Dracuda back to life.”

“I don’t know if you know this Luther, but we vamps have no magical powers”

“I know Vick, but you have numbers on your side, I ‘am counting on you to gather as many vamps as possible and get this Vampire before she does anything stupid”

“Why should I”

“Because if Dracuda is released, he will kill us all; starting with you”

“And why would he, we have no nag with him and even if we did; like you said, we have numbers on our side”

“Dracuda is not to be under estimated, young Vampire” Korra spoke, as she looked out the window. “Apart from magic, he possessed the link”


“The ability to enter your mind and bend it to his will; it is why our ancestors waited for him to sleep before they attacked; it is the reason we fear him” Luther explained. “Now, will the leaders follow me to the chamber of councils, for the trance connection.”

They council heads headed down stairs, into the chamber. It was a stark change from the wooden style cabin above; the gothic stone carvings below brightly shine from the reflection of fire torches. Each member took a stand behind their family’s crest as the Vampire crest in the center circle lit up in a glimmering manner.

“Now; everyone focus on finding the girl who is to be our undoing; concentrate on nothing but her. See her, hear her; feel her.” Luther instructed

The glimmering crest showed a teenage girl, much like Korra. Her red long hair rested on her shoulders as she drunk a cup of coffee. Her red lips moved ever so softly, as her eyes, hidden by her sheds looked in all directions.

“Will there be anything else Miss?” asked a waiter

“Just the check please, I have to get going”

“Sure, and to whom do I make it out to”

“Fox; Dracuda Fox” she answered, causing a shock form Korra who losses concentration, breaking the trance connection

“Korra concentrate, we need to see where she is going” Luther shouted. Korra regained her concentration, but Fox had already disappeared from the café.

“She is gone” Lora said

“Not all is lost, we can still find out the city she is in” Luther said

“Or was” Lora replies, “even if we speed there now, she could be in another city by the time we get there”

“Nether less, it is a start”

They walked up stairs with an expression of worry on their faces. They understood the gravity of the situation that had ascended

“What’s wrong? Did you find her?” Catherine asked

“Yes” answered Luther, “but it would seem that our little Vampire is a descendant of the Dracuda herself”

“What?” some gasped, as others went into a state of shock.

“How is that possible?” Vick asked

“It would seem our ancestors did not imprison all the members of the house of Dracuda.”

“But that means that there could be others” Vick replied

“It can’t be; our vision only showed her. She must be the only one or at least the one of most concern.” Luther uttered

“She is not a descendant of the Dracuda’s” Korra said, as she gazed outside the window, “she is a Dracuda”

“And how do you know of this?” asked Beijing, leader of the House of Fangshan.

“Because I used to play with her”

“What?” Luther asked

“I “am not a Descendent of the House of Goth; I “am the last survivor of the House of Goth. It was me that entered that chamber three thousand years ago; it was me that screamed as I saw my dead parents on the floor”

“How is that possible” Vick asked

“Fox, Dracuda’s daughter and I were best of friends; we were so closed that one night we snuck into her father’s workshop and stole the orb of life”

“You didn’t?” Luther says

“We did”

“Did what?” Vick inquires with impatience

“They used the orb of life to make themselves immortal, a crime punishable by death if ever caught.”

“Why?” Beijing asks

“The longer a Vampire lives, the more powerful they become; it was too much of a threat to be allowed to exist. Count Dracuda was the last keeper of the orb, before he was sealed; it is the other reason we must fear his return. He was already powerful before. But what off now, with the orb by his side”

 “What of her, is she not a threat to us all?” asked Dortmund, leader of the House of Erfurt

“Based on what conclusion” Lora asked

“Based on the fact she might be stronger than us combined, based on the fact she used the orb and based on the fact that I don’t trust her!”

“I must agree with whitey over there” Vick said, “she has lied for over three thousand years, what makes you think she telling the truth now”

“Because; if I have an agenda now, it is to ensure that the house of Dracuda never sees daylight again”

“Makes sense to me”

“And why wouldn’t it; you are a vamp thus still use the brain of a human” Dortmund says, which angers Vick. “The question is not, why would she, it is, why would she not. She has had three thousand years to live with the death of her parent, with the thought of revenge on her mind and now such an opportunity has presented itself. All she has to do is play along and wait for Dracuda’s return. And again I ask; why would she not?”

All eyes turned on her, as Dortmund stroke a sense of reason in their minds; when from the ceiling a body appears and falls to the ground.

“Tracy” shouts Lora, as she and her husband rush to their daughter’s side. Badly beaten, Tracy is wrapped inside the flag of Flame. “What happened sweet heart?”

“We were attacked, by a girl. She was looking for the Flame key, but we denied to give to her and threatened to kill her. She got angry and started to fight with us; we threw everything we had at her but couldn’t stop her. She killed James, John and Jack, but before she could kill, Julian used her last piece of strength to teleport me here. She was so fast mom, we didn’t stand a chance”

“Hush Tracy, it’s ok; mommy got you”

“Our Houses are no longer safe; everyone! return to your homes now” Luther instructed, as one by one everyone used their Vampire speed and blurred out of the cabin, to their homes. “Vick, you need to assemble all the vamps under your control; we need to find her now before it is too late for us all.” with a node Vick blurred out of the cabin. “Catherine, take Lora and Tracy to the spear bedroom and tend to her wounds, Jacob and I will go to the house of Flame, to see what had happened”

“I “am coming with” Korra said

“Very well”

The blurred before to house of Flame deep in the heart of the Amazon forest and found it burnt to the ground, as smoke rose into the sky. The Aztec style building was now ruined, with the Flame of destruction.

“Do you smell that?” asked Korra

“The smoke” replied Luther

“No. Blood” Korra moved into the jungle, were she found the members of the house of Flame’s beheaded bodies hanging from the tree tops and a message written on the ground with their blood. “Long live Dracuda, long live the Dracuda’s”

“What have you found?” Luther asked

“Keep Jacob away” she instructed back, but it was too late, as he saw the hanged bodies he felt to his knees and burst into tears.

“I will avenge you; I will avenge you” he shouts with a loud voice that echoes the forest to its core, before returning to his mourning

“Jacob, listen to me; what is the Flame key?” Korra asks

“It is a safe deposit box key”

“What is in the box?”

“I don’t know”

“Does Lora Know?”

“No. No one knows, it has just been in our family forever”

“Forever you say. Where is the safety deposit box?”

“London, UK, at the David Longs Bank of London”

“Let’s go”

“You go on ahead; I will tell Vick to join you there” Luther instructed Korra

“What of you?”

“We will stay and bury them”

“I understand” Korra said, before she blurred out of the jungle, straight to London, UK.

Vick blurred next to her on top of an old building in the city, “hey princess” he greeted

“What took you so long?”

“Hello; no magical powers over here and not to mention, no orb to keep me alive for three thousand years, so forgive me for my slow appearance”

“Did you gather your people?”

“Why don’t you turn around for your answer princess” Vick replies, as Korra turns her head and sees a hundred vampires on rooftops, “so; what do you think?”

“We are goanna need more and make sure there not seen by humans”

“What? Hey, first of all, we are good at staying unseen; second we can take her”

“Fox is not your ordinary vampire, she is a Dracuda and trust me when I tell you this; they are hard to kill” she said, before blurring to the ground. “Keep your eyes opened” she instructed, as Vick blurred alongside her, before they wondered the street on London, in search of the David Longs Bank of London

“So; you’re three thousand years old, must be hellish thinking of the day you get old” Vick joked, “how many boyfriends have you had over the years?”


“None! Are you some kind of virgin?”

“Something, like that”

“Wow! I would like to” Vick uttered, before Korra looked in his eyes with a threatening look, “look, it’s the bank” Vick quickly said, attracting her attention to the bank, as he gasp a sigh of relief.

“Call Luther and tell him that we found the bank; and Fox”

“What? Where?” Vick uttered, as she headed off

Korra followed the red jean with white top and sheds, dressed Fox. Foxed walked the streets of London, passing the shopping malls and high end shops to the outskirts of the city. Where the old buildings were and jumped to the top of an old abound building. Korra quickly followed and found Fox waiting for her at the top.

“Korra” Fox greeted


“I was wondering how long it would take you to find me; I must admit I didn’t think three thousand years would be my answer”

“Well I “am here now”

“Yes, you are. Now than, how has my old friend been? I see the three thousand years haven’t had an effect on you at all”

“Like you care, you witch”

“I do care, I care a great deal”

“Stop your lies. You are a Dracuda and a liar; why are trying to bring back your family? Answer me! or this will end badly for you”

“No doubt you like myself have grown more powerful, but it is still going to take an army to stop me Korra and you know it.”

“Did someone call for an army?” shouted Vick, who had just blurred behind Fox, while his vamps vampires surrounded them

“Vamps? Have the six houses become so pathetic, that they have to join forces with these abominations”

“Abominations? Abominations! Did she just call me an Abomination in my own country?” Vick said in a rage, “You’re not leaving here alive you Dracuda!”

“Vick calm down, she is bating you, she wants you to lose focus. Fox you are surrounded there is no escape, surrender and we will go easy on you”


“Your death, might be made quick and painless”

“How is your Ni-ki-ta?”

“Ni-ki-ta? What is that?” Vick asked

“That is the name we call our abilities by” Korra answered

“Magic, abilities; did we get anything out of the Vampire tree?” Vick asked

“Yes you did; the honour of being mistaken for us” Fox uttered before she moved her hands in an martial arts manner, “the council wants me; you have to get me” she declared

“Attack” Vick ordered, as vamps converged on her. Fox moved faster than the vamps and as they fought, she quickly beheaded them with her hands, one by one. Vick, seeing the beating his Vampires were taking, decided to attack himself only to have Fox raise her hands slightly above her shoulders and lefts Vick, Korra and the remaining Vampires into the air.

“What’s going on here?” Vick asks

“She is using her Nikita” Korra answered

“And as you can see; my Nikita has developed over the years and this is just a shadow of what I “am capable of doing. Care to observe” Fox uttered, before she started to explode the heads of vamp Vampires; turning their bodies to ash.

Vick screamed and struggled as he saw his Vampires destroyed right in front of his eyes. Fox killed every vamps Vampire until Korra and Vick were the last ones standing, as Fox now turned her attention to them.

“You know, it didn’t have to end like this Korra, you could join me. You could declare your loyalty to the house of Dracuda” Fox offered 

“My loyalty already lies to the destruction of Dracuda; for what you did to my house”

“Too bad old friend; now I have no choice but to kill you”

“Aren’t you forgetting something Fox?”


 “I too possess a Nikita; but unlike yourself, I haven’t yet drained my Nikita’s energy” Korra uttered, before her eyes turned bright red and unleashed blasted of energy straight at Fox, who used her Nikita to create a shield, but as Korra pointed out earlier, she had used too much of her Nikita before and was blasted to the other end of the building. Korra blurred to Fox’s side as Fox tried to get up and landed a right hook then a left jab to the gut, before throwing her to Vick who kicks her to the other end. Fox quickly composes herself and tries to use her Nikita, but Korra is quicker and blast Fox with her beams. Down on the ground, Fox looks up and sees Vick and Korra standing over her.

“It’s over Fox; you’re coming with us” Korra said

“You would like that Korra; but you have forgotten one thing as well”


“Dracudas die before defeat” she said, before using the last of her Nikita to cause a dust cloud of ash, from the dead vamps Vampires; covering her escape

“No” cries Vick, when the dust settles;  Fox was gone. “We should have killed her when we had the chance” he shouts “and you why did you not use your Nikita when we fought her earlier on”

“I had to wait until she had drained most of her Nikita energy”

“Bullshit; we could have taken her had we fought together; or is it true that you wish for the Dracuda’s returned; so as to fill your thirst for vengeance”

“Don’t be a fool Vick; none know how dangerous Dracuda is but myself”

“Vengeance has no logic, but desire” Vick uttered, as he stared into Korra’s eyes when Korra’s phone rang

“Hello” she answered

“Have you caught Fox?” Luther asked at the other end

“No. She got away and Vick’s Vampires are dead”

“How many of them?”

“All; her Nikita is strong and stronger than I expected”

“The Houses have gathered at the castle valley in the nevada desert; bring Vick with you” Luther instructed, before ending the call.

Korra looked at Vick, as he gathered some of the ash of his Vampires and told him of Luther’s instruction, but Vick simply continued to gather the ash and Korra joined him, before the British weather, true to its unpredictability, started to rain; washing the ash away as Vick now cried uncontrollably, causing an embrace from Korra.