Chapter 2

Night came. Colin was in the kitchen fixing a meal for the maids Susan and Norma.

“Can’t you make anything better?” (Susan)

“My apology Susan-sama. This is the best I can offer right now” (Colin Frederick)

“Tch…Worthless noble knight” (Susan)

Colin bowed his head repeatedly in apology as he placed a light snack on the kitchen table.

“Come on Susan… surely you weren’t expecting much from a worthless noble knight's household were you?” (Norma)

“Even so, they could at least treat us to luxury chocolates from the capital” (Susan)

“Can’t be helped. We are in the boniness after all. Trash this far away from civilization could never understand luxury even if it was smacked it on their faces.”

They laughed and mocked Colin as they snacked on the meal they had been given. Colin felt uncomfortable. He wanted to leave but couldn’t until the two maids went to sleep.

It was horrible what he was going through, but his father was having an even worst time.


“Ah…Ah…yes…It feels so good” (Nina Maccabaeus Frederick)

In an upstairs bedroom, the sound of ecstasy could be heard.

On a large bed, three people were having sexual intercourse. Noah Frederick looked on as Nina Maccabaeus Frederick and her two lovers embraced and intertwined with each other.

“Yes…that’s amazing Mark” (Nina Maccabaeus Frederick)

“Don’t forget about me” (James)

The two of them thrashed their dicks into her ass and pussy at the same time causing her to scream with pleasure.

“Do you like our cocks?” James asked as he grinned at Noah.

“Yes…” she screamed back

“Is it better than your husbands?” Mark asked next

“Don’t jest. I would never let that man touch me. His pathetic, unlike you two. You guys are amazing.”

“Is that so?” James asked while looking in Noah’s direction

“What are you waiting for? Don’t you see that James is asking you an important question? If he loses his arousal because of you I swear…” she screamed as she glared at Noah.

“It is so James-sama.”

“Huh? I didn’t hear that. What did you say?”

“It is as she said James-sama. I am a worthless husband. Please take care of my wife.”

“Well if you put it that way I guess I should do what a pathetic man like yourself failed to do.”

James began to thrust harder and faster, causing Nina it scream even louder than before. She was completely lost in pleasure. Any sign of noble dignity could not be found on her face.


“What a worthless man” (James)

“Can you even call such a thing a man?” (Mark)

They both uttered words of insults as they left the room for their bedrooms. Noah could only grind his teeth as he held the door open for them while lowering his head.

He could hear their laugh fade as they walked through the corridor to their rooms.

Nina Maccabaeus Frederick was breathing heavily on the bed. She was barely moving. Only twitching from time to time.

You would hardly think that she was a noblewoman - more like a prostitute who had just finished servicing a client.

Noah’s eyes were blank and cold. If it wasn’t for the sake of his son, he didn’t know what he could have done to this woman and her so-called lovers.

Rage boiled inside him.

The only comfort he had was the fact that he was not alone in this regard. This was the fate of every noble knight.

At the same time, this comfort was his curse.

[My son will go through the same thing as me…] (Noah Frederick)

With a wet cloth in his hand, he cleaned his messy wife. She was too absent-minded to even know what was happening to her right now.

Noah having finished cleaning his wife and laying her on a freshly made bed. Took the used bedding's out of the room.

He was walking down the corridor when two figures appeared.

It was Nina’s two personal maids.

“Let me guess. Those are the beddings mistress used with her lovers. You’re probably going to clean them now…pathetic” (Norma)

“Yes. If you will excuse me” (Noah Frederick)

“You are not excused” (Susan)

“Your son feed us a rather poor snack. Don’t you think you should apologize for that?” (Norma)

“I apologize,” he said as he lowered his head.

“Huh…Is that how you apologize? Didn’t you learn anything from the madam? Kowtow you bastard!” (Susan)

Noah put the bedding's aside before he got on all fours and bowed to them with his head firmly pressed on the floor.

“Ehehehehehe…” Susan sneered before trampling on his head, “This is wonderful, this is wonderful. It has been a long time since I last trampled on a man’s head”

“Tell me about it. I miss the academy. Now that I Think about it. Your bastard child will be attending this year huh.” (Norma)

“That little shit is? With his level of skill I’m sure no noble daughter will pay attention to him.” (Susan)

“True…Hey how long are you going to hog him all to yourself. Let me have a turn.”

They trampled on Noah’s head until they got bored and left for their rooms.


Noah left the mansion that stood on top of a hill overlooking the town below. With the bedding's in hand. He walked to a small wooden house near a small woodland close to the mansion.

There inside he found his son fixing his messed up hair.

“They got you two?” (Noah Frederick)

“Yeah…” (Colin Frederick)

“Sorry. It’s all my fault”

“You say that like you could have prevented it. This how the world is. We noble knights have the short end of the stick.”

“Tch…if it wasn’t for that stupid marriage decree”

“There is no reason to complain about that now is there. I swear you’re always like this when that vixen shows up.”

“And how can I not. That bitch treating us like her personal servants. Humiliating us like – like.”

“Calm down father and watch your words. She will be leaving tomorrow. There is no need to give her a reason to stay any longer and cause us trouble.”

“Your right. Have you cleaned the mansion?”

“Yeah. I was just getting ready to go on patrol.”

“You don’t have to push yourself.”

“What are you talking about? When I go to the academy. You will be all alone out here. How will cope without me?”

“I will be fine. It’s not like we can afford to not have you go. The academy is the only opportunity for a noble knight to find a wife.”

Noble knights were the lowest-ranked nobles despite having their domains. Even if those domains were nothing more than a town and the land that surrounded the town it was still a domain.

Furthermore, they live far away from the civilized capital and big cities of the kingdom.

These two factors ensured that they were never invited to a social gathering among the nobility.

The three years at the academy were the only opportunity they would have at finding a legal wife.

If they failed to do so. The legal wife’s child would most likely inherit the domain.

One would assume that with the hush treatment of noble knights such a thing would be welcomed by them, but there was one anchor that prevented them from thinking so.

When their ancestors formed clans and set forth to conquer the southern lands, many people followed them.

Builders, craftsmen, blacksmiths, chefs, innkeepers, and many more, all followed the clans, and their descendants till this day stayed loyal at their side.

One noble knight household that failed in securing a legal wife for their son resulted in the son of the legal wife from a lover taking over, upon the noble knight’s death and then selling the domain - but not before robbing the citizens of everything they owned. Claiming they had not paid their taxes. Rumors claim that some beautiful women were even sold to slavery.

Just like their mothers; the sons of the legal wives of noble knights see their mother’s legal husband as nothing more than a means to raise capital for their merchant business or marry into a merchant business, or even nobility should the cards be right.

When the son of the noble knight who had failed to gain a legal wife after 3 years at the academy raised his complaint in the capital. He was arrested and sentenced to death.

No reason was given for this nor did anyone pursue the matter further.

For this reason, the noble knights push through the hardship they face, all for the sake of those who followed their ancestors to the south.

Even if they asked them to leave. Most of them would be unable to survive in the big cities where a stay at an inn would be eight times the amount they usually pay in noble knight’s domains.

They simply couldn’t afford to leave.

“I know. Anyways I am off.”

“See you when you get back.”

Colin walked through the town in dead of night. They were other night patrols that were walking about. He greeted each one with a cheery simile but it would turn sour whenever they asked him about how it was going at the mansion.

Seeing his reaction they would quickly try and change the subject by inviting him to drinks at some late-night bars but he had to do his patrol.

Unlike the other night patrols that were keeping the peace in the town. His objective was different. After leaving the town he came to the edge of the large forest.

Unlike the small forest near the mansion you could feel the evil aura it was emitting and hiding in that aura…

“I can feel your presence. There is no need to hide yourselves any longer.”

A large mass appeared from the forest. Easily three times larger than Colin, it made a thumping sound with each step.

It held a large ax in its right hand.

It was an existence ranked B among monsters.

An Orc King.


“An orc king huh… To think a stupid pig would come to my domain. Sorry but all the women here are spoken for. I would have offered a vixen woman I know but her death right now would cause problems for me. I will have you die here and now.” (Colin Frederick)

The Orc king smirked. It gave off the impression that it understood his words.

“EHHHHHS” (Orc King)

The sound of the orc king echoed in the forest and an army of orcs appeared.

They could have been more than 100 of them. All armed with various weapons and arms.

Orc King’s smirk grew wider, almost as if saying, ‘This is my victory’.

However, that didn’t last long. In an instant, Colin’s killing intent overwhelmed them.

“An Orc King and Orc Army… Let's see 100 gold pieces of the Orc King and 20 gold pieces for each of the other orcs. I can also sell their weapons and other materials. If I play my cards right… 3200 gold coins. Hihihih…I didn’t even need to enter the deep into the forest. Lucky me.”

The orcs went pale when they saw his expression.

<< Orc POV >>

What’s with this human?

Humans usually ran away or tremble with fear when they see me.

They were some that stood and fought, but I killed them easily and took their weapons as my own.

Their males are weak and their females are our playthings.

That is the natural order.

But why am I trembling?

Why am I afraid?

This human is not like the others I have met before?


This Orc once lived across a kingdom in the west of the continent. He pillaged nearby villages and towns.

Killed the males and raped the women to madness.

He considered himself untouchable.

Many adventures were sent to subjugate his horde but they always won. From the male adventures, he took their weapons and armor as spoils, and from the female adventures, he took their bodies as a plaything.

He truly believes his life of endless pleasure would last forever but it didn’t.

Another younger Orc King stole his domain and chased the Orc and his clan away.

The Orc King and his orcs roamed the demonic forest and were preyed upon by bigger and stronger monsters.

His horde of thousands was now only a hundred strong and without a woman.

It was virtually on the brink of destruction when it entered a new land.

No strong beasts were in sight and nor Orc horde but his own.

If that wasn’t enough there was a human town nearby.

This was his chance to reclaim the days of old.

To rebuild what he had lost.

He could smell them. Even from this distance, he could smell the sweet smell of women.

[I will kill the men. Take their arms and rape the women. I will rape them day and night. Even when they fall pregnant I will rape them. I will gain all the time I lost] (Orc King)


[This human is scary. He will kill us if we stay. I must order a retreat…] (Orc King)

The Orc King turned around to order a retreat, but then a voice whispered.

"I will not allow you to escape 100 gold coins" (Colin Frederick)

The voice sent a chill down the Orcs spine. It turned around but the human was gone.

Despite its confusions, it deemed it unimportant and quickly turned to order its horde to withdraw but what it saw shocked it pale.

Blood everywhere.

Headless Orc bodies were lying on the ground.

It couldn’t understand what was happening.

It yelled from the top of its lungs.

“Shut it!” a voice called to the Orc, “Tch…these Orc are not in perfect condition. At this rate, I will earn 2800 gold coins instead. I guess I should go deep into the forest if I want to earn some more coins tonight.”

[You bastard] (Orc King)

The Orc king charged at the human it saw before its eyes. In a fit of rage, it poured all its strength into this one attack.

The human wasn’t moving and wasn’t paying attention to him at all, but the Orc didn’t care.

It was going to kill the human here and now.

[The sky? Why am I facing the sky? Shouldn’t I have been facing the human?]

Just a shadowy figure covered the night sky. It was looking down on the Orc King.

“I guess I will store you in my inventory and go deeper into the forest for more prey”

[I see now. I was killed. Killed by a human. Killed by this human…I see…This must be retribution of all the humans and killed and raped. I was killed like an insect. A lowly insignificant insect.]