Chapter 5

 “A member of royalty…I see” (Aaron O'Brien)

 “Eh…What does that have to do with us?” (George Dragonfire)

 “Money…Am I right?” (Colin Frederick)

 “That right. There is one thing more valuable than money in noble society and that’s connections, but you need money to establish connections and that’s where we come in. As you know, a noble knight can either marry a baron’s daughter or a viscount’s daughter – because of that, we never pay much attention to the higher noble houses but it will be those same noble houses that will aim to form ties with the princess.” (Charley Gardner)

 “Because she is the next heir?” (Colin Frederick)

 “That’s right…” (Charley Gardner)

 “I still don’t get how we fit in this picture?” (George Dragonfire)

 “I am also a little confused” (Archie Lancaster)

 “There are two ways you can find a wife at the academy. The first is to directly approach a noble girl and hope for the best. There is not much success in this approach. Secondly, it’s to approach a higher noblewoman whose family rank is that of a count or higher. Sometimes these noble daughters will have followers from lower noble houses. In exchange for supporting them in the school, they will arrange a marriage with one of their lower followers.” (Charley Gardner)

 “I see. In other words the higher noblewoman will gain financial support from us, in return, she will offer a connection to a lower follower who in turn will become a wife for us.” (Colin Frederick)

 “That’s the jest of it...” (Charley Gardner)

 “But when all is said and done…can’t the noblewoman simply break the arrangement once our usefulness is gone?” (Archie Lancaster)

 “She can, but it will cause her reputation to take a major hit.” (Charley Gardner)

 [I see. If it was revealed that while she benefited from a noble knight's support, but she, in turn, couldn’t repay that support, her reputation and trustworthiness would take a hit. It might even be serious enough to undo everything she did so far.] (Colin Frederick)

 Colin’s thoughts were spot on. The noblewoman would have everything she did up to that point be undone if she failed to live up to her end of the bargain. The only way she could ever break off such an arrangement is if she was fully confident that her reputation could be recovered.

 However, in a noble society, such a thing was never guaranteed.

 “I’m still puzzled about something. Will their families not provide for them. I mean…we are talking about the next Queen right? Surely they will provide financial support right?” (Charley Gardner)

 Charley held out his hand with a grin on his face. Colin immediately knew what he was asking for. He places another 2 platinum coins into Charley’s hands.

 “Don’t look at me like that. You’re asking about matters outside the academy, of course, it will cost you extra to hear it.” (Charley Gardner)

 He said calmly. Colin shrugged his shoulders when the other guys glanced his way. For noble knights money was a precious commodity. Spending two platinum coins on useless information was just foolish but Colin had to hear about the reason behind it.

 “Gambling!” (Charley Gardner)

 “Eh…” (Colin Frederick)

 “Underground gambling dens have appeared not only in the capital but in the domains of nobles as well. Rumor has it, that many noble men and women have taken a liking to it pretty hard. They are pretty much gambling away large sums at a time.” (Charley Gardner)

 “I thought gambling was illegal in the kingdom?” (George Dragonfire)

 “That’s why it’s an underground dumb ass! Basically, some of the higher-ranked nobles are strapped for cash because of it and lower-ranking nobles haven’t been spared. Spending money to make a connection to the princess is going to be pretty hard.” (Charley Gardner)

 “That’s where we come in?” (Colin Frederick)

 “Right. I’m sure much higher ranking noblewomen will gather followers from viscount or baron household and use them as bait to lure noble knights - such as yourselves to become their lackey.” (Charley Gardner)

 “If that the case then won’t we be treated better?” (George Dragonfire)

 “Nope… the opposite. We are the lowest ranking nobles who are treated like dirt by the baron and viscount daughters, if a higher ranking noblewoman was to treat us better her reputation would take a hit. The only exception would be royalty, but the odds of befriending royalty by us is next to impossible and I wouldn’t recommend it either.” (Charley Gardner)

 “Eh…why not? Wouldn’t forming ties with royalty improve our chances of finding a wife?” (Archie Lancaster)

 “Not even close. If anything it would most likely put you in the same situation as a bastard noble dog.” (Charley Gardner)

 “What’s a bastard noble dog?” (Archie Lancaster) (George Dragonfire)

 “It’s what the noble girls call those of us who failed to meet their expectations. Whether it was money, talking back, or disrespecting their lovers and partners. In any case, once you are labeled one, it's all over. The princess will most likely have followers from duke families. The people who are trying to form connections with her will most likely be from Marquess or Earl Households. They are the ones who will form followers with the viscount and baron daughters who can’t so easily approach the princess and her followers because of the difference in status. Do you see where the problem of forming ties with royalty is?”

 “If a noble knight were to form a tie with princess it might be taken as the princess laying claim over the knight. Even if the princess wanted to disprove the rumor because of the difference in status between her and the baron and viscount daughter, they wouldn’t want to risk earning her displeasure by going after the noble knight – not to mention the princess wouldn’t have followers from lower noble ranks, therefore…” (Colin Frederick)

 “Your life at the academy will be officially over.” (Charley Gardner)

 Everyone was silent…They all had the same thought [The chance of me meeting the princess is slim, but let’s make it zero just in case.] 

 “Umm…I have been meaning to ask you senior. What is that around your neck?” (Aaron O'Brien)

 Aaron asked that with a puzzled look on his face.

 “Ah this. You see some time back a noblewoman found her noble knight getting cozy with a lover girl.” (Charley Gardner)

 “Eh…is that true!”(Archie Lancaster) (Aaron O'Brien) (George Dragonfire) (Colin Frederick)

 “Well according to what I heard, the noble knight was set up by the noblewoman who didn’t want to be married to him because she fell in love with a commoner that her parents didn’t approve of.” (Charley Gardner)

 “That's just…” (Aaron O'Brien)

 “That bitch…” (George Dragonfire)

 “…” (Archie Lancaster)

 “…” (Colin Frederick)

 “Anyway, the noble knight was expelled from the academy and branded the first bastard noble dog. Likely he had a younger brother to replace him. I hear he is happily married to a common girl in his father’s domain. I don’t know whether to be happy for him or not. Anyhow, ever since then, noblewomen who accept being courted by a noble knight place collars around their necks as if they were pets to show that there is someone who laid claim to them. You see this…this is the crest of the noble I am courting right now.”

 “Ah…that woman” (Colin Frederick)

 “You saw that huh…?” (Charley Gardner)

 “Sorry” (Colin Frederick)

 “Save it for yourself. This place is living hell for us noble knights. Well, that all I have to say. If you ever need any more information, look me up. Of course it won’t be free!” (Charley Gardner)

 Charley left the four friends behind for his room on the second floor. That was the floor that housed 2nd-year students. 

 He tossed the pouch with the platinum coins he earned up and down in his hand. 

 [With this much…she shouldn’t complain…?] (Charley Gardner)

 Charley heard a familiar sound from the other side of his dorm room door. It was a sound he was familiar with. He grits his teeth as he heard the mourns of a woman.

 [Tch..!] (Charley Gardner)

 He opened the door and saw what he was suspecting. On the only furniture in the room. One woman lay her head on the laps of another beautiful woman while a handsome man was thrusting his penis into her vagina.

 The woman who was being f**ked like a wild beast was someone Charley knew all too well. She was the noblewoman who had agreed to be courted by him. 

 She had yet to introduce him to her parents but for all terms and purposes, as it stood she was his finance – Catherin Pandaramn.


 Catherin Pandaramn.

 She was a third daughter of a poor baron. 

 Having been born to a poor baron household, Catherin wasn’t treated favorably earlier on when the family’s financial situation was stable. However, the head of the family incurred heavy debts from gambling just as she was about to set out for the academy.

 To raise the money to pay off those debts. Her father instructed his daughter to find a noble knight and present him to the family so as they can negotiate a marriage contract as quickly as possible.

 However, when she arrived at the academy she soon forgot her family. Anything can be bought with money. Catherin who was ignored by her family found herself in a place where a certain type of person would do anything for her attention. 

 A noble night.

 She quickly learned from her seniors how to manipulate noble knights into doing her bidding and no long after arriving she was soon approached by a noble knight seeking her courtship.

 She arrived at the tea ceremony he had prepared. She walked with an attitude just like her seniors had advised her to do.

 Her eyes went wide at what she saw in front of her. The finest tea, cakes, and sweets.

 Back in her old house, these treats were usually reserved for her brothers and elder sisters, but that was not the case here.

 Everything here was for her and only her.

 She felt like a princess.

 Normally one would not agree to be courted by a noble knight on the first tea ceremony but that only applied to those of well-off noble families or those whose future was promising in terms of marriage prospects.

 She had neither.

 When her family was rich she was neglected and when became poor, she was neglected still - up until she left for the academy.

 She wasn’t going to miss this chance and agreed to be courted by Charley on that very day.

 Soon much like her seniors, she began to demand more and more from Charley who found himself virtually entering the Labyrinth every 4 days to raise funds for an ever-demanding appetite for luxury.

 No longer after, she like many others bought lovers, but what was unusual was the fact that one of the lovers was female.

 The females of the twin lovers tribe, usually never leave the island. However, there was one by her side. Charley couldn’t make heads or tails of how this came to be until he found out that the male lover had requested it.

 Apparently, they two were lovers. 


 Her big boobs bounced with every thrust the handsome man made. Her pink long hair swayed with every motion. Her soft skin was sweating. You could hardly see her yellowish eyes as she half-closed them.

 “Do you like that..?” (Zain)

 The handsome spoke with a smirk on his face as he looked down on Catherin. He had red short hair and red fiery eyes.

 “Yes…Ah…Please don’t stop” (Catherin Pandaramn)

 “Eh…Is that any way to ask me? Ask properly…” (Zain)

 “Please…don’t stop Zain-sama!” (Catherin Pandaramn)

 Zain let out a beastly smile before thrusting even harder than before after Catherin cried out to him with ecstasy written all over her face.

 “Catherin-sama, let me make you feel good” (Susan)

 “Ah…Susan, if you lick my nipples I will…Ah…Ahhh…I am Cumming” (Catherin Pandaramn)

 The girl with a beautiful face licked Catherin’s nipples as Zain pounded her pussy. Her name was Susan and she was Zain’s childhood friend and lover. She had bright orange hair with light blue tips that matched her blue eyes. Her cup size was the same as Catherin’s. 

 Catherin was laying on Charley’s bed exhausted and sweating. 

 Despite having their dorms, some noblewomen would often head over to the dorm room of their noble knights to have sex with their lovers.

 No noble knight knew of the reason for doing so.

 When asked, the noble ladies would respond in a typical manner

 “A noble dog dare question me?”

 “Shut up…you don’t need to know why I do this”


 “Oh…Am I not wanted here? Have you found another to marry you?”

Yes. The noble knights didn’t know the answer to the question but the male lovers did.