chapter 6


 Zain was born on the twin islands to a poor household with his only ray of sunshine coming from his childhood friend Susan.


 “Hey, what are you going to be when you grow up?” (Susan)


 “Isn’t it obvious Sue? A lover of course” (Zain)




 The twin-island or twin kingdoms as others sometimes called it, was a set of two islands that sat in the middle of an ocean side by side.


 They were so close that one city spanned the two islands - connected by a silver bridge.


 One island housed men while the other housed women, but the city that spanned both allowed the men and women to live together.


 This city was called Union City.


 Men and women of the two islands, who wished to have children would gather at the city.


 When the child is born the parents would raise the child together until he or she reached the age of 12.

 After reaching 12 years of age they and the parent they shared the same sex with, would leave the Union City and head to their parents’ hometown - never to see their other parent again – unless fate intervened, but even if it did, the only place they would most likely meet their parent would be in Union City and there was an unwritten rule of parent and child pretending to not know one another.


 Over the years this rule as well as other rules had been relaxed and sometimes removed.

 The reason for this was simple.




 The males of the island had in recent years discovered a job that paid handsomely. For a long time, the twin islands were considered poor kingdoms.


 The Queen of the female island and the King of the male island wasn’t even considered royalty by those of the main continents, but all that changed close to 412 years ago when a noblewoman of the Kingdom of Eleadia saw a male of the twin kingdom loading cargo onto a ship.


 He was handsome in her eyes and she quickly approached and asked him to be her lover.


 Seeing that she was of nobility the young man accepted.


 At first, he was nervous when he found out that she was still a student with a fiancé but those thoughts quickly changed when began to understand the nature of her arrangement.


 She was engaged to be married to a noble knight and their marriage was one of convince.


 From what he could tell, she held a lot of power in this arrangement and no matter how badly she treated the noble knight he still never once talked about canceling the engagement.


 What’s more, was the ridiculous amount of money the noble knight spent on the woman


 [This bitch isn’t worth this much. Is this man a fool? No! He is desperate. He had to get married to this bitch. I can use this to my advantage, can’t I?]


 The man spent 2 years at the academy.


 Tempting girls with sweet words and charming looks.


 It wasn’t long before the academy frowned its eyebrows at his presence, but he swiftly bribed the nobles who in turn pushed the academy to accept noblewomen having a lover on their grounds.


 He earned a lot from the women he served, but as the numbers who requested his services grew he realized it was too much for him to handle.


 That's when he formed the lovers’ guild and went home to recruit others to work under him.

 Before long the lover’s guild grew – only the merchant guild had more wealth than it, but that was only natural.


 Many lovers would often open shops and join the merchant guild.


 These lovers filled with money they could only have dreamt of - began to build mansions and luxury villas back home.


 This made the male island prosper extremely and the male side of the Union City also began to grow rapidly.


 The Queen of the female island noticed the growth of the other side.


 She desired that growth but unlike the males, there was little to no market for female lovers.


 In most kingdoms, noblemen bought slaves when they needed a lover.


 While the beauty of their women was excellent, most men would rather go for quantity rather than quality.


 Rather than pursue a hopeless case, she opted for another proposal.


 She proposed to the King of Male Island that the females would henceforth, raise the children, regardless of gender. This would allow more males to leave the island to become lovers.


 In exchange, the males would provide financial support to the mothers.


 To the Queen's delight, the King happily accepted this proposal.

 Of course, he would.


 The moment the king agreed was the same moment he cummed inside the naked Queen, as she laid on her bed - inside her chambers - with him on top of her.

 Even the handsome King of the twin kingdom could not escape the temptation of a vixen Queen.


 With this, the twin alliance was formed and the two islands quickly prospered.




 “So, you are going to leave me?” (Susan)


 “When the time comes I will send for you.” (Zain)


 “Eh..? Is that possible?” (Susan) 


 “I will make it possible.” (Zain)


 “Then I will wait for Zain…” (Susan)


 It took years after Zain was born before he traveled to the Kingdom of Eleadia. With nothing but some simple clothes on his back and the dreams in his head.


 [I will become the best lover and make a lot of money for Susan and me to prosper] (Zain)


 Now that he was officially recognized as an adult he ventured on to build his fortune.


 At the lovers guild, he soon found out how hard it was to become a lover.


 The training would last many years.






 Human Education.


 Basic combat skills.


 As well as Magic training for those compatible with it.


 A lover had to be perfect in all aspects, especially in one particular aspect.




 Common-born women who became slaves were used to teach lovers how to properly bed a noblewoman.


 At first, Zain was reluctant to touch another woman who wasn’t his Sue, but he got over such emotions soon enough.


 Another aspect of his training was how to treat the noble woman’s noble knight, or as the guild calls them, cash cows.


 “You must maintain a sense of superiority over them. Humiliate them any chance you get. Most noblewomen enjoy humiliating their noble knights. Make sure you join them and encourage them in that aspect. The worst-case situation that can ever happen, is a noblewoman falling in love with her noble knight. You must prevent this, at all costs. One fire spell can do little damage, but toss it into a dry forest and you will have a nightmare on your hands.”(Guild's head)


 This was a message from the guild head. A descendant of the founder of the lover’s guild. He has managed this guild after his father’s death some time back and has proceeded to expand it.

 He opened branches in many other countries despite the odds against him.


 While those businesses were bringing in some capital. It was a drop in the ocean compared to the Kingdom of Eleadia.


 To him, the biggest threat to the business was the possibility of noblewomen falling in love with the noble knights. To prevent this he needed his lovers not only to be charming but ruthless in their treatment of noble knights.


 After his training was over he was introduced to his first client.


 She was a noblewoman attending the first year of the royal academy. Her name was Catherin Pandaramn.


 She like many who come to the lover’s guild had a noble knight supporting her desires.


 Zain quickly worked his charm on her and they form a contract.


 The lover’s contract is rather simple. In exchange for an annual payment, the noblewoman will have Zain become her lover.


 Because Zain was new to the guild, his services were priced at 5 platinum coins per month, however, that was more than enough for Zain.


 Before long, Zain had Catherin Pandaramn eating from the palm of his hand.


 He discovered how needy Catherin was and showered her with sweet words of praise and attention.

 Rather than being her lover, it was more like she became his love slave. She never questions his requests and always did as she was told.


 While the lovers guild never made it public, in secrete they encourage their lovers to build this type of relationship with their partners.


 To what end is still unknown.


 It was the beginning of her second year at the academy when Zain had a very curious request for Catherin.




 On one cold morning, a ship docked at the Kingdom of Eleadia port city, just 10 minutes north of the capital.


 Zain's eyes shined when a beautiful woman stepped down from the ship. It was the face of someone he hadn’t seen in a long time.


 “Kept you waiting Susan?” (Zain)


 “Yes you have Zain” (Susan)


 A fully grown Susan stood in front of Zain. She had gone from cute to beautiful. She blushed as Zain stared too hard at her face.


 “Stop staring at me” (Susan)


 “Ah sorry.” (Zain)


 “Is that her Zain?” (Catherin Pandaramn)


 Catherin called out from behind Zain.


 [Tch…Don’t spoil this moment you ugly bitch] (Zain)


 Of course, he couldn’t say that.


 “Yes. She is my childhood friend. Susan” (Zain)


 “Please to meet you madam.” (Susan)


 [You didn’t need to curtsy to this bitch Susan. Tch…] (Zain)


 “Ho my…you are as pretty as Zain said you would be. Let’s get along” (Catherin Pandaramn)


 “Right!” (Susan)


 In front of the ship, the two held hands like long-lost sisters and smiled at each other.


 “What shall we do now Zain?” (Catherin Pandaramn)


 “I want to show her around the capital, but I am low on funds… so I guess…” (Zain)


 Zain wore a troubled expression on his face as he glanced at Catherin with puppy eyes.


 [Ah…this must be him acting as a lover. So this is the face you make Zain. It kind of cute…](Susan)


 “Eh…I’m also low on funds. Not to mention the princess will be attending this year. I have to prepare a gift at least” (Catherin Pandaramn)


 “Eh…the princess will be attending this year?” (Zain)


 “Yes. An official announcement will be made later but it’s pretty much a sure thing” (Catherin Pandaramn)


 [Why didn’t this bitch say something so important sooner? If I can get close to the princess I might be able to help that man out? If I can do that, then my position will be…] (Zain)


 “Of course this is not a matter for low nobility like myself to be concerned about. Rather, it will be in my best interest to not be involved with her at all. I just need to prepare a gift and that’s it…” (Catherin Pandaramn)


 [Tch…Useless bitch] (Zain)


 “Please don’t trouble yourselves on my account.” (Susan)


 “No…no…no. Your Zain’s childhood friend. I want to hear all the stories of Zain’s youth. Let’s go out. Now that I think about it. The new semester is starting, if I remember what my seniors were telling me, that useless knight might be coming into a little bit of cash next week. Alright, I will just have to make that useless noble knight pick up the tab.” (Catherin Pandaramn)