Chapter 10

A massive army of monsters stood in the noble knight’s way.

Being led by an Arachne Genera, it numbered 25, 000 strong. 

Any sensible person would call for a retreat when the odds were against you but,

“Welcome to ROKUKEN!” Charley Gardner said with a grin on his face. “Only the goddess and our forefathers know exactly when and why monster armies appeared whenever we held our ROKUKEN but that doesn’t matter to us. All I know is this is a hell lot better than searching each floor for them.”

The deeper you went into a Labyrinth, the larger it became. Floor 90 – 99 were send to be the size of small countries. 

Searching for prey in such a large area would be difficult even for noble knights.

That why this army that stood before them was heaven sent.

It made it easier to carry out the ROKUKEN. 

All you had to do is kill more than anyone else.

“All right. You know the drill. Anyone who wants to be a leader has to go down there and kill the most enemies. However, I have never known someone wining ROKUKEN without killing the general. If I were you that would be my target. May the best noble knight win.” (Charley Gardner)

Charley clapped his hand loudly which signaled the start of the ROKUKEN.

A 1000 noble knights dashed across the field of battle towards the monsters.

Charley looked on at the dashing noble knights before turning his head to the monster general.

[Long red hair, deep blue eyes, pink lips, and big boobs covered in spider silk. It can be, can it?] (Charley Gardner)


[So those are the humans these monsters were having trouble with? I tell that they are no ordinary humans but it still within my expectations. This will provide a great experience for when that great one calls for me.] (Arachne General)

“Goblins, forward attack. Orcs prepare to in circle them.” (Arachne General)

[I will use the goblins to distract them while the orcs get into position.] (Arachne General)

The goblins charged the noble knights.

The knights overwhelmed the goblins to the point that the Arachne general was irritated.

[Tsk…they can even act as decent pawns. This is the last time I rely on Goblins] (Arachne General)

“They are trying to surround us?” (Aaron O'Brien) 

“Looks like they are trying to use tactics rather than just brute force.” (Archie Lancaster)

“Are they stupid? Brute force always wins.” (George Dragonfire)

“As expected from our muscle brain here.” (Aaron O'Brien)

“Shut it. I am going to win this and make you all kneel before my might.” (George Dragonfire)

“Doubt that. You have never beat Colin before.” (Archie Lancaster)

“Today is the day, you hear that Colin?” (George Dragonfire)

“Loud and clear. Let’s go George.” (Colin Frederick)

Colin and George charge the orcs.

George with his giant berserker blade, hacked the orcs in half, while Colin with his swift movements beheaded them one at a time.

“Impressive. Those two are excellent fighters.” Charley commentated 

“But they can beat you right?” His fellow second-year classmate asked

“Humm… I can take on the big guy but the other one might be difficult.”


Charley’s strength was known to be excellent. The fact that he had won the ROKUKEN in his first year was proof of his strength.

Usually, it was a second-year student, who had a fiancé lined up that usually won the event.

Charley and Colin’s father are one of the few rare exceptions to this rule.

And from the looks of things, Charley concluded that Colin would join the club.

[Like father like son, but what is this feeling I can’t shake. That Arachne, what exactly is it up to?] (Charley Gardner)

Colin and George continued to inflict heavy damage on the Orcs who continued as ordered.

“Those guys are truly beasts in their own right.” (Aaron O'Brien)

“Yeah…but I can’t afford to lose face.” (Archie Lancaster)

Aaron and Archie had finished the last of the goblins and proceeded towards the Orcs. 

The noble knights fanned out in all directions to intercept the encircling Orcs.

As the battle continued, Colin and George were ahead of the pack in terms of speed and battle power but between the two it was Colin that was getting all the attention.

As a group of ten Orcs charged in his direction, he flicked his guild card in their direction.

The card flew towards the oncoming Orcs and as if by magic a blurry figure zoomed past the flying card.

The figure with swift movements, beheaded every Orc one after another. As the Orcs fell behind him, the guild flew over the fallen dead Orcs and swiped them one after another.

The blurry figure stopped after its tenth kill and caught the card that flew in its way.

“Who’s next?” (Colin Frederick)

“Oi Oi Oi…What was that?” (Aaron O'Brien)

“As expected I guess.” (Archie Lancaster)

“Show off” (George Dragonfire)

[Seriously…](Charley Gardner)

[That human…How can he be so skilled? Nether mind the encirclement is almost complete. I need to make preparations.] (Arachne General)

The Orcs managed to surround the noble knights at the cost of many lives.

In this position, a normal army would have an advantage over the encircled foe but that is only if the encircled foe didn’t have superior battle power.

Unfortunately for the Orcs, their opponents did have such power.

“Inform the General that we can’t hold this encirclement for long.” (Orc Commander)

Orc bodies were dropping like flies with every passing minute.

Arachne General upon hearing the report began to activate her plan.

“Darkness comes forth, across the valley of the shadow of death. Lead the masses to destruction and oblivion in a never-ending chain. Give me the power darkness to strike.” With a grin on her face, she finished the incantation.

“This is?” (Archie Lancaster)

Archie was the first to notice it.

The Orcs that surrounded them shirked and cried loudly. Their bodies began to crumble away - slowly turning to ash.

“This is bad!” (Archie Lancaster)

“What’s happening?” (Aaron O'Brien)

“They are dying on their own?” (George Dragonfire)

“No. This is magic…dark magic. Quickly, help me form a barrier.” (Aaron O'Brien)

“Oi Oi Oi Charley…isn’t this bad for us too?” 

“Everyone who can use magic quickly cast a barrier in front of us. Hurry!” (Charley Gardner)

“Too Late Humans.” (Arachne General)

The Arachne General raised her hand to the sky with the grin still on her face.

“Feel my revulsion for your kind… SACRIFICIAL EXPLOSION” (Arachne General)

The explosion was so powerful that it shook the floor erupted around the encircled knights.

It was so bright that Charley and the others had to close their eyes.

After the flash, thunder, and shockwave silence fell upon the floor.