Chapter 10: Revenge part 3

 From the top of the castle town wall, Edwin looked at the rebel army below. He heard the words of Boril Varma.

 Boril Varma constantly used wind magic to try and persuade Margarita to join him. Margarita on the other hand didn’t so much as flinch in Edwins' eyes.

 [Isn’t this guy wasting his magician’s mana and shouldn’t he address me to surrender.] Edwin sighed at those thoughts. [I admire Margarita she looks so calm, it must be her knight training]

 The dense Edwin couldn’t even notice the vein on Margarita’s forehead. She desperately wanted to behead Boril Varma but held back until Edwin gave the order. She was so enraged that she was on the verge of destroying Edwin’s perfect victory if Boril Varma continued to push her buttons.

 If Edwin didn’t give the order soon she might just charge in and kill him.

 “I feel sorry Margarita, she must be very furious right now”

 “I agree...Nya, that guy is pushing his luck Nya. She will probably rush to kill him Nya”

 The two that spoke were Eve and Hitomi. Their words contradicted what the dense Edwin thought of Margarita's state of being and he silently let out an, “Eh…”

 “Edwin-sama, it is done” The one that spoke now was Viscount Honcho. The members of ghosting were task with killing any and every spy. In Edwin’s mind, a perfect victory involved not a single word to leaked to the outside world about the armor he had invented which the fairy queen named “spirit armor”

 [That queen likes naming things] Edwin thought to himself while thinking back on how things.

 “Thanks, Honcho” Edwin replied before approaching the edge of the high wall.

 Edwin took a deep breath before speaking with the aide of wind magic. He had done all he could to prepare for this day. All that was left was to act.

 “You traitors and thieves. You are the shame of Highland and on this day. By our blades, you shall perish!

 With those words, Margarita began to walk forward with a smile on her face. Her look sent a shiver down Boril Varma’s back.

 “Stupid bitch you would die for that stupid prince. Fine then; go and die in hell” Boril Varma spat those words in anger. “Magician’s fire your magic” he ordered

 <Fire Ball>

 <Rock Spike>

 <Ice Spike>

 The magician’s all fired their magic at the royal knights. This was going to be the first true test of the spirit armor.


 The magic bombardment was dispelled in an instant.

 There was a surprised look on the magicians' faces but not on Boril Varma‘s.

 “Tch…like father like son. I won’t fall for your father’s stupid trick.” Boril Varma uttered. His father Count Gunnleifus Varma had told him of how the former king of highland hand the magicians ride with the knights into battle.

 The solution was simple in Boril Varma's eyes. Have Edwin's magicians exhaust their MP. He assumed the magicians were disguised as royal knights to make them hard to spot but he wasn’t going to be fooled.

 “You can’t defend against physical and magical attacks. Archers fire right behind the magicians” Boril Varma ordered.

 His tactic was not bad. The magicians would have to block either the magic attacks or the arrows. If they divided among themselves the duty of dispelling magic and physical attacks, some of the attacks would make it through.

 That was what Boril Varma was aiming for. However, it never came to be.


 <Air Shield>

 Margarita had cast ‘dispel’ to cancel the magic attacks and immediately cast ‘air shield’ and created a shield of air that blew away the arrows.

 “What the hell was that? Where did that wind come from? Was it magic? But how many magicians would it take to create such magic?” Boril Varma was agitated he screamed his questions as he lost his cool.

 “Tch… The magicians will run out of mana at this rate. Those guys are on foot and have no spears. They probably ate the horses during the time they were trapped and don’t have the resources for spears. Calvary unit charge the enemies at once” he ordered

 But the Calvary unit did not move. They didn’t understand how the royal knights did what they did but they could feel the killing intent they had. Especially Margarita, They could feel the blood lust she was giving. Despite the royal knights not having horses the rebel calvary knights couldn’t help but wonder.

 [Is it that they don’t have horses or they don’t need them in this battle?]

 Those thoughts sent a shiver down their spines.

 “What are you waiting for? My father will have your heads if you disobey my orders. Now attack” Boril Varma yelled again.

 With the threat of Count Gunnleifus Varma over their heads, the calvary swallowed their fear and charged.

 They rode their horses with pale expressions and their expressions became even paler when Margarita unsheathed her sword. It shuns a light blue color and emitted a silent buzzing sound. They could tell that it wasn’t an ordinary sword.

 <Air slash>

 Margarita chanted as she swans her sword with one hand. A blue wind in the shape of an arc raced across the plain to the calvary charging at her. The calvary knights couldn’t dodge the attack or block it.

 With one swing of her sword, Margarita had destroyed the calvary knights.

 Panic gripped the rebels as the mercenaries begin to flee.

 “She is a monster!”


 “I am not getting paid enough for this shit.”

 “This job is not worth the fee.”

 The mercenaries shouted as they fled

 “Come back you cowards and fight. What do you think my father is paying you for? We outnumber them it won’t be long before that bitch runs out of magic power”

 “Who are you calling a bitch?”

 Boril Varma heard those words from behind him. He slowly turned around and found Margarita standing right behind him.


 “Body strengthening technique. The late king taught it to me. At that time I like most humans lucked the mana needed to use it, but I now have all the mana I could ever need to match and surpass any elf or beast-kin.”

 “What are you saying?”

 “It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. It’s not like knowing will help you where you are going.”

 Her bright smile brought a shiver down Boril Varma’s spine. He could finally feel the killing intent Margarita was giving off. He quickly got on all four and kowtowed (dogeza) to Margarita.

 “I am begging you; please spear my life. I was only doing what my father asked me to do. I didn’t mean any of the things I said. Please believe me.”

 “I believe you, but like you, I too must follow my king's order. There will be no survivors today. You and your trash, are not needed in Highland”

 With one swing of her sword, Margarita had beheaded Boril Varma.

 The battle between two armies usually takes months or weeks. Rarely does it take days? However, on this day, 200 knights killed over 10000 strong enemies within hours and without breaking a sweat.

 “You have made something terrifying your majesty.” Prime Minister Herman Clark committed once the battle was over

 “I know. That is why we cannot allow anyone to find out about our new weapon until we are ready”

 “Nya, you can leave that to us, Edwin. Ghosting will not allow one spy to return home Nya.”

 “I am counting on you, Hitomi”

 “Edwin-sama, the preparations are complete," Eve reported after receiving word from another maid.

 “Then open the gates and prepare to go on the offensive. I will reclaim Highland in 2 days,” Edwin said.