Chapter 17: Towards battle?

What Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne saw in the distance was a monstrosity. She couldn’t help but go pale from the sight of the demonic beast towering into the sky.

[How did it get here? Did Everwood fall? Are there more? Can we evacuate the city?]

Such thoughts raced through her mind when the worm fell flat onto the ground with a thump. The shockwave shook the city.

She stood there and watched as a demonic army marched out of the worm. Even from this distance, she could feel their evil aura and bloodlust.

A knight barged into the room.

“Duchess, a giant worm has appeared in the north.”

“I can see that.” She replied

“There are also reports of demons in the sea.”

“What did you say!?”

“Merfolks that were swimming reported that they were attacked by unknown creatures in the waters. There have been a few casualties, and as it stands, it is assumed that the waters are filled with demons.”

Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne had an uneasy. In the absolute worst-case situation, escape through the sea was an option, but with that option now cut, there was no hope.

“Tch…This appears to be planned.”

“Do you think an abyss king is here?”

“I don’t know, and it wouldn’t matter. We can’t fight a force this large and powerful.”

Just then, another knight entered the room.

“Reporting. The demon's army is splitting into four groups. From what we can see. Two are headed for the cities in the east, one may bypass the capital and head to the city in the west.”

“How long before they arrive?”

“Our best guess is just under an hour for the cities in the east and two hours for the city in the west. As for the capital…”

“There is no need to tell me that last one, I can see clearly for myself. Send messages to the two cities in the east and have them prepare for an attack. Have the city in the west evacuate to Highland immediately.”

“To Highland?” Shelley asked in shock

“There are still members of the alliance, they can simply ignore our citizens fleeting to their borders, and besides, their final destination will be one of the two kingdoms. If we explain that all we seek is a passage, they will have help.” She walked over to her desk and wrote something on her official paper that had her crest.

“Send this along with the message to the west, it will explain to the governor there what he must say once he reaches Highland.”

“Understood duchess,” the knight replied before asking with a heavy heart, “Should we send the messages for military aide as well.”

“If it will make you feel better, then do it, but no one will come. Even if they did, it will probably be too late.” She replied without a shred of emotions

They turned her vision back at the approaching army. The knights quietly left the room.

“You should flee the capital, Shelley. With your skill, I am sure you make it.”

“I will not. I vowed to be by your side forever.”

“Vows can be broken you know. I broke a vow a long time ago.”

Shelley was taken aback by her words which she said with a sad tone.

“Nether less, I will not leave.”

The duchess turned to her with a wry smile.

“Then prepare for battle. We will kill as many demons as we can.”


In the capital of Highland, Prime Minister Herman Clark moved through the halls of the rebuilt capital. He sighed with every couple of steps he took, but not because of the message he carried in his hand that had arrived an hour ago from Vidfamne, but at the scene, he was forced to see every day.

Spirit-cars, Spirt-trains, Spirt-Tv, and Spirit-light. These were just some of the inventions that his king, Edwin Von William Highland.

Of course, they were all named by the Fairy Queen Madeline.

Highland, in 12 months, had become the most highly advanced civilization on the continent.

Gone were the dirt roads and uncomfortable carriages.

Gone was the stink that dwelled in the cities.

You would find nothing by well-made roads and buildings as tall as mountains. His majesty called them skyscrapers, and the only reason Queen Madeline couldn’t name them spirit skyscrapers was because no spirit stone dwelled in them.

She had no choice but to limit her naming to his majesty’s other inventions.

Prime Minister Herman Clark sighed again as the door in front of him slid open without him touching the doorknob.

[I will never get used to these spirit-doors.]

Edwin had installed automatic doors throughout the castle. Mostly because it was cool but also for security reasons.

His friend and member of the secrete group ghosting had one day informed him that the best place spies usually collect their information was from hiding behind closed doors rather than stealthily sneaking into the room.

When Edwin heard that, he couldn’t help but think,

[What if the door automatically opens when you come near it?]

And that was all it took for him to design and develop the spirit door.

In the room Edwin called ‘the situation room’, Edwin, Eve, Hitomi, Margarita Prigent, and Queen Madeline were watching images on a spirit tv. It was a live feed from Vidfamne.

One of the members of ghosting was reporting the attack of the demons on the duchy.

“Your majesty, we have received a request for military aid from Vidfamne,” Prime Minister Herman Clark spoke with a somewhat tired expression.

“I can’t believe they sent one, Nya” Hitomi retorted

“Agreed, after the way they have treated Highland, have they no shame,” Eve replied with a cold expression on her face.

In reality, when Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne permitted her knights to ask for military aid, she assumed that they would send the request to Everwood and Jarodor only. She didn’t realize that they still assumed that Highland was an allied nation and sent a request there as well.

The duchess was planning on having the citizens in the west flee to the empires through Highland. Asking Highland to come to her aide, on top of the request for the passage for her citizens, while their relationship was strain would have been unthinkable to her.

“I can see why they would request it. This situation doesn’t look promising at all.” Edwin replied.

“Hump, they're just getting what they deserve,” Margarita Prigent uttered, “They reap what they sowed. Why don’t they ask the hero for assistance?”

“He is currently forming a new army in the empires. Even if he was to rush, it would probably take him a little over a month. Vidfamne won’t last that long. No, from the looks of it, I doubt they will last a day.”

“Your right. Merfolks aren’t that strong on land, and the enemy greatly outnumbers them. I don’t see this going well for them.” Margarita replied to Edwin's observation.

“Then what will you do?” Prime Minister Herman Clark asked

“What are your thoughts?”

"Ignore it!" Margarita, Hitomi, and Eve replied at the same time.

“I will leave the decision to you. However, we are still a signatory to the Vidfamne alliance. If we ignore this, our reputation we take a stain.”

“Huh, what garbage are you speaking, prime minister!?”

“Indeed, Vidfamne or anyone else has no right to criticize us for ignoring their request given our relationship at the moment and Vidfamne’s past treatment of the Highland royal family.”

“That’s right Nya, and it not like Jarodor or Everwood will send reinforcements to Vidfamne, Nya”

Margarita, Eve and then Hitomi all voiced their opinions on Prime Minister Herman Clark’s remark.

They were right but, at the same time, failed to understand what he meant. No king of Highland had ever betrayed their words or the words of the previous king.

As of now, Highland was still a signatory of the Vidfamne alliance. While no one might say anything about them ignoring the request, for the royal family of highland personally, it will be a stain on their name.

[I should have canceled that alliance when I had the chance.]

Edwin thought to himself.

[Ara, Ara, I thought you kept that alliance to prove Highland’s desire not to go to war with Everwood and Jarodor?] Queen Madeline said in Edwin’s mind.

[Yah, but now we have this kind of situation]

[Is the army not ready to face the demons?]

[Hummm…I suppose we can enter combat now, but we are still far from launching a full-scale attack on the demons in the east.]

[Then isn’t this the perfect opportunity]

[What do you mean?]

[This is a chance to face the demons and test the strength of the army. Vidfamne is near Highland, if something goes wrong, you could always retreat, and because the battle will take place in Vidfamne, there will be no threat to the people of Highland.]

[You have a point]

[While I am at it, I will give you another piece of advice.] she said before giving a sexy smile in Edwin's direction

Hitomi, Eve, and Margarita all thought the same thing when they saw Queen Madeline's sexy smile directed towards Edwin.

[Tch...another rival]