Chapter 20: Highlands Might

“How long before we arrive?” Edwin asked as he sat on a chair. He was on board a ship, but not out at sea but in the sky.

Using his knowledge from his previous life, he was able to make a flying craft. It looked like a zeppelin at glance but was bigger and moved as fast as an airplane.

Edwin knew that the spirit carriages while efficient within the borders were pretty much obsolete for moving a large army outside the kingdom.

There was terrain the carriages would find impossible to navigate and detours would have to be made.

The shortest distance between two points was a straight line. This was common knowledge in his past life. He remembered how armies used helicopters and planes to transport troupes and supplies.

He concluded that ignoring the war potential of a flying craft would come back to bite him and sent forth to make one.

It took him three months before he finally solved all the problem and created the first-ever spirit-plane

Naturally, Queen Madeline had named it so.

“We will be arriving in 5 minutes, your majesty.” A knight replied with those words as he stared at the ship as he would with a boat.

He turned the wheel as the spirit plane change directions to the right.

“This is amazing Nya. It has only been ten minutes before we left the capital Nya.” Hitmoi said while standing behind him.

“Agreed. I feel sorry for Prime Minister Herman Clark. The poor man almost had a heart attack when you first showed this thing to him. ‘The sky belongs to the goddess. Have you no shame!’ he cried as the knights carried him away.” Margarita voiced in.

“Yah…it was pretty funny” Edwin chuckled

“Your majesty please show some compassion for the prime minister. You wouldn’t be happy if he retired, would you?” Eve uttered as she handed him a cup of tea.

“Please don’t say such ominous words Eve. He and I are the only ones capable of doing the administrative affairs of the Kingdom. His subordinates still need supervision. If he were to retire, I may end up dead from overwork.”

“Then please treat him better!”

“Yes. You worry about your uncle. Don’t you Eve.”

“Of course. He took me in when my parents died. I owe him a debt that can never be repaid.”

“Hmm…maybe it’s time I find a Queen to help out.”

Edwin didn’t notice but the three women's eyes glanced at each other after hearing those words.

[This is my chance Nya] (Hitomi)

[I will not let this opportunity pass me by] (Margarita)

[Me and Edwin….Me and Edwin] (Eve)

“Your majesty we are approaching the city”

“On screen. I want to see what is happening”

“As you command.”

“It’s horrible Nya”

“So this is the demonic army. The knights of Vidfamne didn’t stand a chance.”

“Looks like they are trying to force their way into the castle. Perhaps the citizens are taking shelter there.”

Hitomi, Margarita, and Eve all gave their opinions on what was happening.

Edwin looked at the images being displayed and devised a battle plan in his mind.

“Your majesty, on the castle balcony. I believe that to be Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne.”

Eve called out to Edwin and directed his gaze to the balcony of the castle. Indeed it looked like a noblewoman was in a battle with an extremely pale-looking human with large black wings on his back.

[If that is indeed Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne, I can’t afford to have her die here.]

“Margarita, take the knights and defend the city. Hitomi, secure the castle grounds. Eve, I want you to lead the bombardment of the demons outside the city wall as well as those in the sea. I will protect the duchess.”

“Understood Nya”

“As you command. My knights will follow.”

“Very well, but promise me you will be careful.”

“I promise Eve. I have no plains of dying today.” He smiled as he headed off to battle.


Edwin used <flight magic> a wind spirit element spell, as well as <vanish>; a light spirit element spell to sneak up on the vampire.

By the time he arrived, the vampire was already tormenting the duchess. He heard as it spoke and couldn’t help but think.

[Lame. What’s with this guy? He is like a low-budget movie villain. Even in another world, you can’t escape these types of characters huh. Ah…looks like he is finished with the whole monologue thing.]

“Thanks for the meal,” the noble vampire uttered as he reached to suck on the duchess blood.

“You talk too much,” Edwin spoke, but the noble vampire didn’t have any chance of finding out who had spoken those words.

His head was cleanly, sliced off. All he saw as he died, was a young man in golden armor and without a care in the world, walk towards the human he pierced earlier.

To be thought off as not important. This was the noble vampire's despair.

“Hmm…She is still alive, but I better heal her wounds as well.”

<Light Heal>

Light heal was a high-grade healing spell from the light spirit element. The number of people who could use it could be counted on one's fingers and toes.

Duchess Rania had turned around. She saw the dying vampire as it turned to ash. Beyond that, she saw a young man casting healing magic on Shelley, who was passed out on the floor.

She slowly approached the two. Her hair was a mess, and her clothes were a mess, but she still acted with the dignity of a leader.

“You have my thanks.” She spoke as she lifted her dress and curtsied to the young man,

“There is no need for such Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne. After all, I am here to fulfill my kingdom's obligation to the duchy of Vidfamne.”

“Obligation? Fulfill” she asked with a puzzled look.

“This is the first time we are meeting.” Edwin replied before introducing himself, “I am King Edwin Von William Highland.”

Her eyes widened. She was in shock. Even in her wildest fantasy of Highland coming to her aid, she would never have considered the King would come in person. Furthermore, not a day had passed since she and her duchy were attacked, and yet Highland was already here to provide aid.

[How could they get here so fast? Don’t tell me they knew about the demons attacking beforehand and let it happen. But how is that even possible?]

As she stood there dumbfounded, multiple explosions ran out.

“Looks like it's beginning,” Edwin said as he looked behind her

The duchess looked back at her burning city. She no longer heard the screams of her male knights and magicians as they were butchered, or the cries of her female knights and magicians as the goblins raped them


The city was quiet as demons and merfolk alike looked to the sky were something they had never seen before floated in the sky like clouds.

It was the spirit planes.