Chapter 21 Exterminating Demons

“Open fire on the demon in the seas and around the city wall!” Eve command

“Yes mum!” the magicians replied as they aimed their weapons on the sea and city walls.

They fired ball spells at the demons. Thanks to fire spirit crystals, each Highland magician had the magical power of 100 first-class magicians. The outcome of their magical output was a sight to behold.

The demons screamed as they burned or were blown to pieces by the spells. Even the demons in the seas couldn’t escape the sheer power of the spells despite being underwater.

“Don’t let the magicians take all the glory. Kill any demon within the city. That is our king’s command.” Margarita uttered those words, which were conveyed to all the spirit planes flying over the city, before jumping out of the spirit plane.

“Hoooooooooooooooo” there was a large roar behind her as knights leaped from their spirit planes after her.

They didn’t know it then, but these knights became this world’s first version of earth’s paratroopers and came to be called the falling-knights.

Edwin and the duchess looked on as the knights made quick work of the demons in the city.

Edwin was pleased with the movements of the knights. They attacked quickly and left no gaps for the enemy to exploit.

He had to admit himself that Margarita was indeed a worthy successor to her father, as the commander of the royal knights.

[Is it just me, or are the female knights showing extra aggression against a certain type of demon]

The demon in question was the goblins. The female knights watched how the goblins hunted and raped any female they encountered.

“Die, you worthless scam,”

“No mercy,”

“Fell my furry,”

“Let’s see you rape another woman after I cut that thing off.”

The female knights uttered such words as they hunted the goblins with such a terrifying aura, it made the male knights who crush on some of the female knights rethink their feelings.

Others thanked the goddesses for having found a simple country girl to marry.

Meanwhile, another person who was watching this from her castle balcony couldn’t come to terms with what she was witnessing.

[How is this possible? A flying ship. No wonder they got here so fast. If you have access to such a thing, you can travel quickly without worrying about the terrain you will encounter.

Furthermore, why are those knights able to use such powerful magic as magicians? No, they far surpass normal magicians in terms of firepower and techniques.

How could I have missed this? Ah! So that’s why they closed their borders. They didn’t want anyone to find out about this.


Just as she looked on, a large image appeared in front of her. It was an image of a woman in maid clothing.

“Your majesty, we have successfully destroyed all the demons outside the city, including the demon worm in the east,” Eve reported back.

“Good work as always Eve,”

“Thank you for your praise. We are now focusing on the sea demons, and Margarita has identified a leader among the demons in the city. She is approaching it now.”

“Can you put it on screen?”

“As you desire.”

The image quickly changed. The duchess could see the city gate being displayed. She saw the High Orc as it stood there, motionless, even though the battle was not going his way.

She saw a female knight with a shining blue sword walking slowly towards the High Orc.

“Hmm…your armor is different than the ones I have seen so far. You are one of those that fell from that thing in the sky. Name yourself, I will permit it.”

“Permit it you say? You are naïve. Death walks towards you and you still believe to be in a position to permit anything.”

“I am a servant of the great demon king. None are above me but him and the abyss kings. Young female, you are nothing before me. I will permit you to speak in my presence.”

Margarita sighed at his words, “This is stupid”

“You dare mock me. I have never been defeated in combat, I will not be defeated now. Bow your head at my feet and I may show mercy.”

“Who would want mercy from an ugly thing like you anyway? I will be taking your head for the king.”

“You dare insult me!” the High Orc yelled. “We will see how long you keep that up woman. Once I have defeated you I will rape you over and over until you’re lost in pleasure. I will do it in front of your lover and when I am finished with you, I will throw you to the goblins. You will have the honor of being their plaything as you watch me eat your lover.” He said before bursting into loud laughter.

“What did you say?” Margarita asked. Her cold glare and deadly aura made the spine of the High Orc shiver with fear.

The whole city could feel Margarita’s aura. The demons froze with fear and the knights didn’t miss the opportunity to strike hard at the petrified demons.

“There she goes again, Nya” Hitmoi committed as she and the other members of ghosting, having secured the castle cast a defensive spell to protect the people from feeling the full intent of Margarita’s bloodlust.

“You…you. I will cut you to pieces” the High Orc threatened

“With that arm and weapon?” she coldly replies as she took small steps towards the High Orc.

The High Orc confused by her words, turned his head to the arm that held his battle-ax. His trusted battle-ax which he used to cut many enemies in the past had never failed him.

What he saw made his blood run cold. His pig face lost color as it went pale.

“My ax, my arm…” he mumbled

His arm and battle-ax were gone. All that was left blood gushing from his shoulder.

“You fool” Margarita spoke, getting his attention, “My body belongs to my king, you and your filthy goblins will not lay a figure on it!” She yelled

“Wait…wait” the High Orc pleaded, but it was in vain. Margarita used a body strengthening technique and beheaded the High Orc in a blink of an eye.

“There is no need to wait for the weak to die,” Margarita said as she glared at the headless corpse on the floor.

[Scary…scary. Has she always been so scary? Better not get on her bad side.] Edwin thought to himself.

[She defeated a High Orc like it was nothing. Now that think about it, didn't he defeat that noble vampire in a blink of an eye as well?

On top of that what the hell is this thing? You can talk and see people in another location instantly? Where did such an idea come from? No where did the technology come from?

This is something even the Empires can only dream of. With something this powerful, the balance of trade would shift in an instant.]

The duchess observation was spot on. Traders usually traded on a hunch. The information would usually be days if not months old. Waiting around for the information would lead to loss of profit if they missed a golden opportunity to sell goods to a willing customer in another land.

However, with this magical item, the duchess observed. One could know in real-time where there was a demand for a particular good or service and if you add the flying ship in the sky, one could reach the place very quickly.

The combination of the two will result in a monopoly on trade across the continent.

[Tch… Euphemia, what a blunder you have made]

This is not the Highland the duchess knew. A mighty military power that can make short work of demons and technology to have a monopoly on the continent. Highland, was destined to surpass the two empires.

This is the conclusion she came to.

[I need to salvage our relationship]

“Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne” Edwin called out to her


“I am leaving my royal knight commander Margarita here. I am taking half of my forces east to the other cities. Do I have your permission to do so?”

She hesitated a bit. She didn’t want him to leave but she couldn’t ignore the other cities in the east.

“If you could be so kind as to aid my people in the east, I will be very grateful.”

“There is no need for such words. This is the duty of Highland as long as we are part of the Vidfamne alliance. Please rest assured we will help you to the best of our abilities.” He said before using flight magic to fly the largest spirit plane in the sky.

The duchess saw it, and half of the other spirit planes head towards the east.

“As long as we are part of the Vidfamne alliance?” Duchess Rania muttered as she repeated Edwin’s words.