Rise of Edwin Von William Highland - chapter 28

Jun 03, 2021

Chapter 28: Reunion 2

The banished elf prince of Everwood, Theodemar Inanala. A mercenary with long blond hair, a pretty face, and green eyes.

He was the one that took Edwin’s father's life during Margrave Lance Von Winters and Count Gunnleifus Varma's coup.

It was only natural that Edwin harbored resentment towards him, however.

“Are you not aware of ‘mercenary le freedom’ your majesty?” Princess Siraye asked this question with a serious expression.

Mercenary le freedom, was something the mercenary states worked hard to adopted and have accepted across the continent.

Basically, it forbids nations, guilds, and nobility from having any ill intentions towards mercenaries, for work they had committed in the past.

Mercenaries are hired, worriers. If a mercenary is held accountable for every job he did in the past, in most likelihood he would be unable to leave the mercenary city they were based at.

If a nation or noble were to seek vengeance on a mercenary for a job they did in the past, they would receive the furry of the mercenary states with the backing of the whole continent.

Retaliation could be in the form of a trade block or military action.

Princess Siraye understood that Highland had already stopped all trade with other nations after it closed its borders in the events after the failed coup, and it certainly has displayed a powerful military might – but would they still seek conflict with the continent for the sake of revenge.

Edwin’s declaration that he considered Theodemar Inanala an enemy was enough to accuse him of attempting to break ‘mercenary le freedom’.

There exists only 3 exceptions ‘mercenary le freedom.’

The first is assassination. If a mercenary assassinated a nobleman or woman. Family members may seek revenge on the mercenary. It is for this reason that mercenaries usually refuse such requests unless they are confident in their skills not to get caught. It is for this reason that most assassinations are carried out by the assassin guild.

The second is the theft of military or state secrets. If a mercenary steals information that threatens a kingdom or state. The state has the right to hunt and kill the mercenary. It is for this reason that most thefts are carried out by the thieves’ guild.

The third is the destruction of Holy Kingdom property. Attacking the holy churches, statues of the goddess, or anything the holy kingdom considers holy is out of the question for mercenaries and indeed anyone else. No guild would take up this job.

“I am fully aware of it” Edwin calmly replied

“Then your statement earlier?”

“It’s well known that among the elves there are those with a burning passion for perfection. I assume a legendary mercenary such as Theodemar Inanala is among such elves, after all, he is known as the perfect mercenary. He might come after my life in the future to ensure his 100% perfect record seeing as he was hired to help kill members of the Highland royal family. Is it wrong of me to be wary of him coming to kill?”

“That is…”

“Wrong? How do know that? Are you and the Everwood royal family in contact with him?” he asked with a glare

“No…We have no contact with him” she replied with stiffness. She could have never imagined that the young Edwin would grow up into someone who could emit such intimidation.

[He would, wouldn’t he? He would take on the whole world to kill Theodemar]

“There is also the nobles of Jarodor that refused to allow our knights to return home during the attempted coup. I can’t overlook the possibility that they might be planning to attack Highland the first chance they get.”

The nerves of Princess Louise hit overdrive with his words, [Does that mean he considers Jarodor an enemy? Will he use the nobles at the border to declare war?]

“King Edward, The Jarodor royal family is ashamed at the actions of the noblemen. Their behavior was unbecoming and above all should considerable amounts nativity and impudence, however, those nobles have long since been replaced by their heirs, please reconsider your evaluation of the border nobles.”

“Humm…I was unaware that the heads of the noble houses were changed.”

“Please forgive us for not having informed you of the change.”

“No…It’s because we currently have no diplomatic relations with one another. I can’t be helped.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“However, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Simply because the head has changed doesn’t mean that the noble house has no desire to attack my kingdom.”

“Are you then considering attacking Jarodor on the grounds of protecting yourself from future attacks?”

It was common for noblemen to lunch a preemptive attack on other noblemen under the banner of self-protection against a potentially aggressive neighbor.

There was no reason for Edwin to use the same pretext to attack Jarodor.

“No. I don’t know if you have heard from Vidfamne, but I have no attention to attack Everwood or Jarodor unless I am attacked first.”

“Is that so?”

“Are doubting me? If you wish Countess Margarita here will vouch for my words.”

Countess Margarita Prigent, who until now stood silently behind Edwin spoke for the first time.

“Greetings Princess Siraye, Princess Louise, and Lady Euphemia. I am countess Margarita Prigent. I am the lord of all the borderlands in the east. I can confirm with Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne as a witness on this day that his majesty, King Edwin Von William Highland has ordered all border forces to engage in activity that would be considered preparation for war against any nation on the border and only engage if attacked from the other side.”

“Ah…Thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding King Edwin Von William Highland and you have my thanks for not pursuing war with my kingdom.”

“Like I too wish to thank you for your consideration for Everwood.”

Both Princess Louise and Princess Siraye curtsied as they showed their gratitude.

With this, they confirmed that Edwin would not attack their kingdoms under any circumstance but a preemptive attack from their side. Such a situation would never arrive as their kingdoms would never want a situation where they were fighting, on two fronts.

In the past, it may have been considered, but now with how much Highland’s army has developed, it would be suicide to consider a two-front battle against the demons and Highland.

Both Princess Louise and Princess Siraye felt that the fact they confirmed that Highland was not a threat despite their significantly improved military power was enough of success, but Lady Euphemia could not pick up on such vibes.

“Saifuddien-sama is doing his very best to ensure that we are all safe. He is trying very hard to protect everyone…and yet you, with all your military power you choose to cower away in your kingdom. Are you stupid!?” with teary eyes, she shouted those words.

They say that one should choose the words they speak because words have the power to bring upon a blessing or a curse. Lady Euphemia forgot this teaching her mother had taught her years ago.

Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne would remind her.


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