Chapter 33 Suspicions

Back in the royal castle of Highland.

“What is on the agenda to today?” (Edwin)

Edwin asked this as he read a pile of document that was handed to him. He as well as Prime Minister Herman and Fairy Queen Madeline, are all in the royal office that Edwin used for his work and to receive special guests.

“Nothing much, I have only two reports with me today. First is the about Hero Hans Varma Saifuddien.”

Edwin browsed through the report on the hero’s movements.

Hero Hans was currently in the Everwood forest, no more information was available on what he was doing there.

His army had already set off from the empires. Their destination was Jarodor where the hero would meet up with them before heading off to the Dukedom of Gillhearts.

The numbers comprised 300,000 volunteers and 150,000 soldiers from the empires.

An additional 50,000 Jarodor and elven warriors will join them in Jarodor.

“Looks like they’re not sparing any manpower on this assault.”(Edwin)

“Yes. This is indeed the largest army ever assembled on the continent, as far I know, however.” (Prime Minister Herman Clark)

“The sword saint and the archmage will not be partaking on this campaign as well, huh.” (Queen Madeline)

“Yes. as far as we have determined, those two are still in their respective empires with no sign of movement.” (Prime Minister Herman Clark)

“It’s understandable. Not only are they their empires ace in the sleeve they are also royalty. The empires would most likely not allow them to leave their empires.” (Queen Madeline)

“Even in this situation? If the demons win the war won't the empires fall?” (Edwin)

“Sometimes it’s better to be the last one standing than falling with all the others at the same time. I am sure the empires are thinking the same thing. As long as our ace is here, we can hold off the demons.” (Queen Madeline)

Edwin gave a wry smile at her words. That did sound like what humans would think of, especially if they were royalty.

He couldn’t hold it against them either. Right now Highland had a powerful military but despite that, he was on partaking in the war.

Regardless of the reason, it was still him putting Highland first.

[I wonder if that means I am the same as them.] (Edwin)

[No. They are simply looking out for their interest, while you carefully assembling your pieces for the right moment to strike.](Queen Madeline)

[You believe that?] (Edwin)

[Ara…have you forgotten that I can read your mind. I know you’re constantly thinking of ways to not only fight the demons but to rescue the goddess as per my request and on top of that you want to do it while limiting the impact on the people. You are a strange human.] (Queen Madeline)

[Was that a compliment?] (Edwin)

[Perhaps] (Queen Madeline)

[I got a compliment from the Fairy Queen. I guess I am awesome] (Edwin)

[Don’t get ahead of yourself Ecchi-kun](Queen Madeline)

[You promised me you would never call me that again] (Edwin)

[Did I?] (Queen Madeline)

[You did] (Edwin)

“Now on to the second matter,” Prime Minister Herman Clark spoke not realizing he was interrupting their private chat. “Count Paolo Vanderburgh sent us a report recently. We have secured a meeting with the Lamina Queen and it appears all the other clan leaders will attend.”

“That’s excellent. We have to convince them to join us in the battle against the demons. Did they ask for anything?” (Edwin)

“No. It seems the supplies we sent were sufficient for all the four clans.” (Prime Minister Herman Clark)

“Got to hand it to ghosting. They did an excellent job getting all the information we needed. Now all that is left is to negotiate an understanding.” (Edwin)

“That will be difficult. Laminas, ghouls, harpies, and medusas have a deep hatred for humans and the goddess. I don’t see this going well.” (Queen Madeline)

“We got them to agree to a meeting. It is a start.” (Edwin)

“Even if you say that I don’t feel comfortable with you going without a full escort.” (Queen Madeline)

“I will have my spirit armor with me; not to mention Margarita is coming with me.” (Edwin)

“Well, if it’s that knight I suppose you will be safe.” (Queen Madeline)

“Yes, Margarita has put in a lot of effort in her training. Her father would be proud of her achievements.” (Prime Minister Herman Clark)

“Yep… her father’s blood must be the reason she is pushing herself so far.” (Edwin)

“I can think of another reason for her to push herself.” (Queen Madeline)

“Another reason! … Like what?” (Edwin)

“Dense” (Prime Minister Herman Clark)

“Haplessly Dense” (Queen Madeline)

“Eh…” (Edwin)


In the forest of Everwood, Shelley Lancaster was waiting in a room for her master’s daughter.

Duchess Rania Teresa Alumet Vidfamne had sent her to follow her daughter who had left Vidfamne.

“Shelley, why did you come here?” (Lady Euphemia)

Lady Euphemia, Princess Siraye, and Princess Louise entered the room Shelley was waiting in.

“Lady Euphemia, Princess Siraye, and Princess Louise. It is an honor to see you again.” She replied with a greeting and a curtsy.

“Ho…is the Shelley Lancaster you’re always talking about Euphemia?”

A new person entered the room. Shelly had never met the individual before, but by his good looks and armor, not to mention how he addressed Lady Euphemia so casually she could guess the identity of the man before her.

“It’s an honor to finally meet you Hero Hans Varma Saifuddien.” (Shelley Lancaster)

“There is no need to be so stiff. You are my mother-in-law’s right hand. Please be at ease and take a seat.” (Hero Hans Varma Saifuddien)

“Thank you for your consideration.” (Shelley Lancaster)

“Now then Shelley. Why are you here?” Lady Euphemia)

“You left in such a hurry that you didn’t even talk to the duchess. She is worried a rift has formed between you two.” (Shelley Lancaster)

“My mother doesn’t need to worry after thinking about it, I was in the wrong. I caused mother problems because of my outburst, please tell her I am sorry.” (Lady Euphemia)

“The duchess isn’t angry you know. She understands why such a thing did.” (Shelley Lancaster)

“She does?” (Lady Euphemia)

Shelley had a soft smile on her face as she placed two necklaces on the table.

“What are those?” (Lady Euphemia)

“They are magic amplifiers or more accurately magic boosters.” (Shelley Lancaster)

“Magic boosters.” The ladies asked in unison

“Within these necklaces is a trace of the fairy queen’s mana. By tapping into that during battle, it can temporarily boost your magical power by a factor of 10.”

“The Fairy Queens mana.” (Princess Louise)

“Vidfamne had such a thing?” (Princess Siraye)

“How interesting. If you don’t mind me asking, where exactly is the fairy queen now.”

With a bone-chilling smile, Hero Hans asked Shelley Lancaster the question.

Thinking back on the discussions she had with the duchess she couldn’t help raise her suspicions about the hero.