Chapter 6: Ex Fiancés POV 

 The castle town in the Dukedom of Gillhearts hosted a hero party. The dukedom was at the heart of the conflict. With the demonic forces aiming to capture the dukedom and have easy access to the center of the continent.

 In attendance were the hero and his wives. The hero attended many such parties over the past week. He used them to form connections raise funds from nobles and merchants that attended.

 It was something that was expected of a hero.

 After the party was finished, in a large bedroom in the castle. Three of his wives were present.

 They were Princess Louise Messalina Jarodor Saifuddien, Princess Siraye Inastina Everwood Saifuddien, and Lady Rania Euphemia Vidfamne Saifuddien.

 “Did you hear what happened in Highland?” Louise asked

 “Yes. I never expected it to go that far.” Rania replied.

 “What’s done is done. Thinking about it won’t change anything”

 “Your right but it still leaves a bad test in my mouth. What about you Siraye?”

 “I have no regrets. I never wanted to marry that weak boy, to begin with, but my parents said it was my duty as royalty. His family’s fate is dreadful but I have no regrets.” She coldly replied

 “Hush words Siraye. Now that I think about it was your brother who killed the king right”

 “He was doing his job. It has nothing to do with my family.”

 “Even if you say that. I am sure there will be many who will gossip”

 “Let them gossip. Right now my sole purpose is to serve the hero”

 “Ara! Do you mean on the battlefield or in bed?” Louise teased

 “Wh-what are you saying! On the battlefield of course. Bu-but as his wife I must fulfill my duties in the bedroom if he so desires it” Siraye replied with a red face

 “I never thought I would see that look on you Siraye. I kinder cute”

 It was at that time a knock came at the door. Siraye quickly rushed to open the door. She wanted to escape the teasing before her face got even reader but when she opened the door her face became even redder.


 “I have told you to call me Hans haven’t I Siraye”

 “But, but”

 “No buts. Call me Hans, Siraye. Okay” he said with a smile while patting her head

 “Okay” she sheepishly replied

 “Han! Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be with the saint?”

 He gave a wry smile to Louise’s question

 “I get it. She and the two heavenly beauties are arguing again” Rania guessed

 “Yes. They each want me to visit their countries” he said with a sigh. “But I can’t just leave the battlefield.”

 “Why can’t you? The demons have pretty much stopped attacking. They probably want to stop the losses there have been getting lately.”

 “Even if you say that Rania, what am I supposed to do once I visit those countries?”

 “Isn’t it obvious?”

 Everyone looked at Rania with a puzzled look.

 “Right now we are at a stalemate with the demons because we lack soldiers and equipment. It will be faster to raise those things if you traveled to those countries and gathered support”

 “You think so?” Hans asked

 “Yes. People will find it difficult to refuse you straight to your face and if they go back on their promise their reputation will take a great hit.”

 “You think too far ahead.”

 “Thank you.”

 “Ha, you were always the brains of our group Rania,” Louise said with a sigh 

 “It couldn’t be helped. We merfolks aren’t that strong on land. My brains are my only selling point” she said. But her movement caused her boobs to bounce with a ‘boin-boin; sound.

 Siraye and Louise glared at Rania.

 While they couldn't be called flat-chested. Their boobs were no match for her mountains.

 Hans gave wry smile before speaking, “You’re selling yourself short Rania. Your ice magic is unmatched after all”

 “But compared to Louise and Siraye I am week. That is a fact. You guys often end up saving me when I am in a pinch. I honestly don’t know how can pay the debt of you guys saving me every time.”

 “What are you saying? Aren’t we friends? You don’t have to pay us back” Louise said and Siraye nodded in agreement

 “I won’t say that I need you to repay me but if you truly feel that way then how about,” Hans said before grabbing Rania’s boobs and kissing her passionately.

 “Pervert,” she said with a blushed face.

 “Well then we will leave you to it,” Siraye said as her cheeks reddened

 “Ha! You’re leaving?”


 “Want you join us?”

 “You mean you want to do it with all three of us?”

 “Is there something wrong with that?” Hans replied to Siraye question

 “You truly are a pervert,” Louise said before she began to undress.

 Siraye despite her shyness also began to undress. Before long Hans was seated on the bed while a naked Louise, Siraye, and Rania stood in front of him.

 “You’re all beautiful” Hans committed

 “And how many of your other wives have you told that to,” Rania asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

 Hans grabbed her by the waist and forced her onto his chest as he fell back on the bed. He kissed her passionately. As they made love to one another on the bed Siraye and Louise got down on their knees and began to play with Han’s dick.

 They licked it up and down from the left and right. Before long Hans was thrusting his hips behind Rania while Siraye and Louise embraced Hans from either side.

 Hans changed between them. Thrusting like there was no tomorrow. He enjoyed Rania’s bouncing boobs with each thrust. He enjoyed Siraye’s expressions with each thrust,

 “Ho… I didn’t know elves could make such expressions” he teased

 “Don’t look at me” Siraye cried back

 He enjoyed the look of ecstasy on Louise’s face.

 "Your nipples are so hard. They feel so good."

 “Don’t tease me like that” she screamed 

 The sex was passionate and intense. Hans touched every inch of their bodies. He kissed their necks, creased their boobs, and nibbled on Siraye’s elf ears, much to her enjoyment.

 They did this for hours before finally falling asleep on the bed together. They slept for hours before the sun rose. None of them felt like waking up but that soon changed when they heard a large sound.

 “What was that?” Louise asked in a hurry

 “I don’t know,” Siraye replied before quickly running for the window. She drew back the curtain and what she saw made her pale.

 In the distance stood a large creature. It looked like it had come from beneath the ground. It looked like a giant worm, but it was the size of a small mountain.

 “What the hell is that?” a panicked Louise cried out

 “It must be a new type of demon” Rania calmly replied, “by the looks of it. This thing must travel underground like a worm. It would have been impossible for the border forces to spot it if that is the case, but something bothers me”

 “What is it?”

 “Something of that size could have easily destroyed the city had it emerged from beneath the city yet it didn’t why is that?”

 Just as she had pointed that out, the sky began to darken. The once rising sun disappeared in the darkness. In its place, a moon appeared illuminating everything in light silver.

 The castle town prepared for battle. Hans, Rania, Siraye, and Louise rushed to the castle town wall and Hans took command from the commander who had a relieved look on his face now that the hero had shown up.

 “Has anything happened?”

 “No Hero-sama. Apart from that thing appearing from the ground, nothing has happened so far. I believe it’s the cause of the darkened sky” the commander said

 “Your wrong” Siraye replied to his remark

 “Eh… What do you mean?”

 “I sense no magical power from that creature which is wired. It couldn’t be the one responsible for the sky darkening”

 “I agree with Siraye. Hans, it's most likely there is a second monster responsible for this” Rania said

 “Ara, Ara, It’s rude to call me a monster you know”

 A voice spoke up directly above their heads

 They saw a beautiful woman with golden hair, blue eyes, and flawless skin. But this woman couldn't be the one who spoke. Because she was naked. Her bare boobs could be seen by all. She had a very sad expression on her face.

 She was currently floating in the air while crouching on all fours like a dog. A collar could be seen around her neck. A silver chain extended from it and was held by another woman who sat on her back.

 “Hello. I am one of the ‘Abyss kings’. Call me, Ermengarde”