Chapter 7: The Abyss Arrives

 “A member of the abyss kings?” Hans asked

 “Yes. I am Ermengarde. Nice to meet you.”

 She had black wings, pale skin, and two short horns on top of her head. Her tail with a heart-shaped tip swayed back and forth. She looked down on them with her purple eyes.

 She wore silver shorts and a pink tube top that barely contained her massive boobs.

 “You must be the Hero Hans. Am I right?”

 Hans nodded to her question.

 “Ho-my aren’t you cute. Perhaps I will make you my pet.”

 “Like you did that woman?”

 “Woman?” Ermengarde asked with a puzzled look before noticing where Hans was looking.

 “Ha, ha, ha,” she laughed, “I am sorry but it so funny.”

 She seductively licked her lips before pulling on her leash violently. The collar grew red and emitted a shock to the woman. Ermengarde then spanked the woman’s ass repeatedly

 “Did you hear that? They think you’re a woman.” She said with ecstasy on her face. “What are you waiting for bitch introduce yourself to them”

 The woman sniffed. She was clearly in pain but despite that, she began to speak. 

 “I am Ermengarde-sama's bitch. Goddess of love, Ruena”

 The expressions of everyone below went pale. They had heard that the abyss kings all had a captured goddess but the information they had received was that the goddess was imprisoned in some sort of crystal.

 goddess are divine beings whose face is never seen but here was one the goddess being used as a chair for this demon.

 The way she was being treated was no different from a slave no it was worse than that. From what Rania could see this demon took pleasure in seeing people suffer. She enjoyed humiliating and torturing them.

 She felt a sickening feeling but it was overshadowed by fear. While everyone else was still looking at the demon and goddess her eyes were now cast on the worm that still stood tall from the ground.

 [She has something else installed for us. Dam it. We have to flee]

 She thought to herself.

 Excellent bitch. You answered just like I trained you to. Here is your reward. Lick it.”

 Ermengarde stretched her long legs and presented her black boots to goddess Ruena. Ruena opened her mouth and began to lick the boots.

 “You bastard” Siraye shouted as she drew her bow

 “Stop Siraye you might hit the goddess” Louise shouted


 “Wise decision it would be bad if my toy got hurt,” Ermengarde said with a smile on her face

 “Why are doing this? What do your demons want?” Hans asked.

 [As expected of a hero even in this situation he is calm. Very little was known of the demons' reason for war. Perhaps there was room for negotiations.]

 This is what the knight commander near him thought

 “We want death, destruction, and everything in-between” Ermengarde replied with an even bigger smile

 “Why…why do you hate us?”

 “Hate? We don’t hate you. You’re just in my master’s way”

 “In the demon king's way! What do you mean by that?”

 “Ho nothing important or rather nothing you need to concern yourself with, seeing as you are going to die shortly.

 “This discussion is pointless. Release the goddess Rania immediately and we might spare your life” Siraye shouted

 “For an elf, you’re rather rude. To think you would threaten me like this. You must want to court death”

 “We are not afraid of you. We will defeat you no matter what” Louise declared as she unsheathed her sword. Hans followed suit and took a fighting position

 “We will defeat you and set the goddess free. Goddess Rania, hold on just a little while longer”

 The goddess didn’t react to his words and kept on licking Ermengarde’s boots.

 “Are you sure about that?” Ermengarde said while pointing at Rania

 “Rania?” Hans called out to her

 “We have to flee”

 “What!?” everyone cried out

 “It seems you noticed little one. That’s right your opponent isn’t me. It’s them.”

 From the west and east of the castle town, two new worms appeared with a thunderous sound. They pierces the sky and stood tall like mountains before all three fell to the ground with a large bang.

 They opened their mouths and thousands upon thousands of demonic beasts came out.

 Everyone had pale faces. They couldn’t believe what was in front of their eyes.

 A black magical circle appeared behind Ermengarde.

 “Well then, I will take my leave. Please play well with my pets” she said before yanking the chain she was holding. “Move bitch!” she commanded.

 The goddess crawled on all fours through the circle before it disappeared.

 “Dam it. It must have been some sort of teleportation magic” Hans shouted

 “We don’t have time for that Hans. We have to flee.” Ruena shouted

 “And abandon the people! I can’t do that”

 “You don’t have a choice. We can’t win against an army of that size”

 Ruena was indeed correct. This surprise attack was perfectly executed. Right now the castle town had only 1/3 of the alliance forces. Even if the other forces were to be summoned this instance by Ruena calculation they would still be outnumbered 9000 to 1.

 [So this is the power of the demonic forces. Where have been all this time?]

 “Hans we have to go,” she said again.

 Hans stood motionless. His right hand with his sword was the only thing moving, as it shook.

 “Not again. Not again” Hans mumbled

 Louise reached out and grabbed his shaking hand. She stared deep into his eyes.

 “Live today and save the world tomorrow. Don’t worry we will be right there with you,” she said with a smile

 Hans looked at his other fiancés. They both nodded at Louise’s words

 “Alright,” Hans said.

 This day marked the pushback of the demons. Hans looked back at the burning city while on horseback. He, his fiancés, and members of nobility had all escaped. The people of the city however did not. Those who tried were destroyed by the demons.

 Hans with a troubled heart pushed on forward