Chapter 9: Revenge part 2

 “What do you mean by that?” Viscount Honcho asked with a surprised look on his face

 Edwin smiled before placing on the table a shining crystal.

 “This is?” Prime Minister Herman Clark asked

 “It’s called a spirit crystal. This is project x realized”

 “What!” Viscount Honcho and Prime Minister

 Herman Clark shouted in unison.

 They were the only ones in the room apart from Hitomi who knew amount Project X.

 “What is Project X,” Margarita asked

 Prime Minister Herman Clark and Edwin took turns to explain project X to everyone in the room. Prime Minister Herman Clark explained the nature of the project and Edwin explained how he came to solve the problem.

 “To think your father isn’t here to see this” Prime Minister Herman Clark said with a pained expression

 “I know the feeling but now is not the time. Edwin-sama. I take it you have an idea on how to use this to win the war?” Viscount Honcho asked

 “Yes. I am planning to make a new type of armor that provides its user with mana. I am also planning to make tools and other equipment. For now, I think I will be able to provide armor for 500 knights as well as the members of ghosting”

 “Members of ghosting don’t need metal armor. If anything, it will cause us trouble. Please focus on weapons if I may suggest” Viscount Honcho pointed out.

 Members of ghosting were trained as spies and assassins. Armor would only hinder their movements that’s why they never bothered using them.

 “The armor I talking about is special. Not only will it be lighter than the leather armor you currently use but it will enable you to use the magic <vanish>” Edwin pointed out

 “Huh!?” it was Hitomi who cried out this time, “I will be able to use <vanish>?”

 “Yes. Thanks to the fairy queen it will be possible to match the spirits mana to people's mana wavelength and allow them to use the spirits elemental skills. From there it is a simple process of matching a light spirit's wavelength to yours.”

 “And the fairy queen agreed to help with this. What did she ask for in return?” Prime Minister Herman Clark asked with a serious tone.

 Everyone knew that simply talking to the fairy queen was an expensive venture, furthermore, this queen made it clear that she would not intervene in the matters of mortals.

 The price for her aide must be a massive one. This is what Prime Minister Herman Clark was thinking.

 “She has made three requests. First, we are to shelter her and her aides at no cost to her. Second, she asks that we attempt to rescue the goddess. She has yet to mention the third request.”

 “Your majesty!” Prime Minister Herman Clark

 “The first request aside, the second one is impossible. Even the hero from Saifuddien had to withdraw when he faced a member of the abyss kings.” Hitomi committed

 “I must agree with Hitomi,” Margarita spoke, “As we stand now, we cannot do such a thing.”

 “We can and we will,” Edwin spoke up. His voice was clear and with authority. “We are not the same poor small kingdom of yesterday. We are more. Follow me and I will show you wonders the likes of which the world has never seen, and when all is said and done Highland will stand tall as the most powerful kingdom to have ever existed.”

 “I will follow,” Hitomi was the first to reply

 “I will follow too,” Margarita answered as well

 “So will I.” the rest of the knight replied

 “I guess I cannot leave my king to walk this path alone. I will follow too.” Prime Minister Herman Clark replied, and Viscount Honcho nodded to his words.

 “Thank you. I swear I will not fail to lead you all to victory.”

 That month was spent with the creation of the armors and weapons. It turned out that for most of the knights having a single spirit crystal fused to their armor was the limit they could endure.

 Despite Edwin creating a control mechanism using the circuit board of earth as a reference, he could not stop the feeling of discomfort they would feel if a second one was added.

 The only exceptions were Margarita, Hitomi, and Viscount Honcho, who could all take on a second spirit crystal.

 Queen Madeline told Edwin that over time the other knight’s body would grow accustomed to having spirit crystals fused with their armor and be able to take on a second crystal but, she couldn’t tell him how long that would take.

 Not that it mattered. As it stood now, they still had an unprecedented power advantage.

 Edwin then turned to other equipment. He left the creation of arms to the sages as his mind wandered to the two types of equipment that were crucial to winning battles back on Earth.

 This equipment would mean the difference between perfect victory and victory.

 If Edwin was going to build a strong kingdom, he needed a perfect victory.