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Hi, my name is Xavi and I'm an open-source enthusiast and a casual gamer. That's why I love the Godot Engine and RetroPie, because they are both open-source and one is for creating games and the other is for playing them.

I wanted to be able to play Godot games on a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie, so I created the perfect combo:

- The Unofficial Godot Engine for the Raspberry Pi: Godot binaries compiled to run on a Raspberry Pi.

- The RetroPie Godot Engine "emulator": A scripmodule for RetroPie to install a Godot "emulator".

- A RetroPie scraper for Godot games hosted on

I have also released a bunch of other Godot and RetroPie open-source related stuff, such as:

Godot 3 2D CRT Shader: A 2D shader for Godot 3 simulating a CRT 📺.

Godot 3 Destructible Objects: A script that takes a sprite, divides it into blocks and makes them explode!

Godot 3 2D Day/Night Cycle: A simple 2D Day / Night cycle.

Godot 3 2D Fake Explosion Particles: A script to simulate exploding particles ✨.

Retropie Convert Videos: A tool for RetroPie to convert videos.

Retropie Limit Last Played Games: A tool for RetroPie to limit the number of 'last played' games.

RetroPie Shell Script Boilerplate: A template for building shell scripts for RetroPie.

Right now I'm working on an 80's arcade style game called Murtop, a mix between Dig Dug and Bomberman, and I want to share my journey while I'm developing it.

With your support I'll be able to keep creating more free and open-source content!

Thank you!