So, for who has never done therapy before it might seem pretty scary at first and it actually is! In the beginning I had a lot of dificulty in expressing myself or even recognizing what I was feeling, after all it isn't easy to open up with who we know, imagine doing so with who we don't know. Another thing, when I started therapy I was also in the worst stages of my depression, still trying to udnerstand that I really was sick and needed help, which wasn't easy to accept, isn't easy to understand, and sometimes the person who needs the most help doesn't recognize they need help. When my therapist (psicoanalist from Freudian line) would ask what I felt or thought of a determined situation, I would usually say I felt tired, or that it would be tiresome.

That was my standard response for whatever I was asked. I didn't know how to recognize what I felt, if I really was just "tired" or if it was something making me bored, upset, annoyed, angry, or sad. Sometimes I didn't know how to recognize even moments that would make me happy, like get home and have my dogs greet me. Therapy is important, and I recommend it for everyone, it helps for you to do an auto evaluation of your life. It was through therapy that I found myself in art, at first as a method of anti self mutilation and afterwards as something truly wonderful.