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We all want to change the world. We are often busy with our daily life and jobs but from time to time we have ideas that we genuinely believe will make the world a better place.

My name is Hussein Nasser, and my passion is software engineering. My youtube channel started as a fun way of "live" coding and building real-life applications from scratch. Making mistakes along the way, discovering bugs and fixing them in the process. It is amazing how much people have fun watching and learning from this realistic process as an opposite of the scripted happy-path demos and exercises that they know will always succeed. 

I decided to make weekly software engineering videos. Every Friday I post one video about an interesting software engineering topic. New or old technology, whether I'm ready or not, the new episode MUST ship on Friday. I have kept this since 2018 and I intend to keep this going forward. As of writing this, I have over 400+ videos on my channel.  

Over the years I heard the stories of fans that took what they learned and built cool stuff or were able to complete a project they were struggling with. Some even got promoted because they show initiative and learned new things!

I have a full-time job and I make these videos in my spare time. Your support makes me want to wake up every morning and think of new ways to help you become a better software engineer. Software engineering is an unending sea of knowledge and I intend to ride that wave. Please join me on this journey so we all become better software engineers. 

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Hussein Nasser