Buy Hobo with a Laptop a coffee


You can learn more about us on our about page, but long story short --we've been 'digital nomads' living abroad for about a decade. Mike teaches people how to make money online for free through our website and Oshin is our Pinterest guru.

We worked together online for years, met in person after that, and clicked in person when we finally met. Together, we're committed to serving our audience (and being a rad power couple).

With our first baby due in September 2020, we're looking ahead. We decided that we'd like to get a boat and sail for the next decade or two, and raise our little sprout(s) on the ocean. We estimate we'll be hitting the seas no later than 2025.

And of course, we'll blog everything we learn along the way. If you buy us a pizza slice we'll be honest --it's all about the sailboat. Throw us some love and we'll put it towards our boat bucks account.