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Welcome to my world of whimsy!

I write humorous fantasy, as well as fiction for children of all ages. I also write horror comedy and contemporary short fiction for adults as H.M.Green.

Last year I released two ebooks. Chewing the Fat with a Cannibal is an outrageous horror comedy for adults, inspired by the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake.

Bogwood is the second installment in The Prince of Leaves humorous fantasy series. Both books are now also available as a box set.

I am ever so slightly obsessed with bugs. I think they are little pockets of perfection in an imperfect world.

I blog about my bug encounters, and sometimes about other random stuff, and I also have a bugcentric youtube channel, where fellow insect worshippers can delight in watching perfection in motion, including videos of a rare pink katydid dining on a rosebud.

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