Happy New year! Lets hope its a good one, and that we all get back to normal asap. I have so many ideas for this year, I am hoping that I can fit all of my projects in! I have a few projects in mind, so I thought I would share a few of my ideas with you.

On the side of the wildlife photography I am hoping to delve into the world of camera traps, I have a lot to research and learn but I am ever hopeful that my brain will continue to expand. I am about to start putting my trail cameras out again so that I can learn the routines of the local badgers (the beauty of being allowed to photograph on private ground.)

This should provide me with some awesome footage as well as the chance to learn the best places and times to set a camera trap... best get my learning head on. The badgers have been stars in my previous video footage but I am yet to catch a photograph of these illusive little creatures.

I am also hoping that the foxes from last year will co habit the set again, giving me the chance to get some more awesome photographs of their family raising.

Owls. I adore them, and I want to up my game with photographing them. There are lots of tawnies around here but I somehow have never manged to spot them. I listen to them all night... but actually spotting and photographing... different story. I'm hoping to catch up with the little owls and also to follow up on a barn owl that am yet to get a picture of. The winter is so hard on these beautiful birds and I am hoping to use my photography to spread some awareness of how we can give them a helping hand.

Also on my list, the spike yet adorable little hogs. Another overlooked species that really need a hand. This year I want my wildlife photography to focus on making a difference to the bounty that we over look. Often it is on our doorstep. I will be sharing tips and tricks, and the DIY projects that I do to help encourage my own local wildlife. I cant wait!