Buy Fran Jurga a coffee


My current projects:

• Freelance journalist, ghost writer and public relations specialist, especially in equine sports and the culture/history of horses;

• Publisher of HoofSearch, the monthly index of peer-reviewed equine lameness and hoof science research;

• Writer and publisher of Fran Jurga's "Hoof Blog", the international news center for professional hoofcare information;

• Dedicated advocate for continuing professional education for veterinarians and farriers, equine welfare, and an end to laminitis in horses;

• Ongoing graduate student in information management ("library science"), digital stewardship, and equine history.

(What do you take in your coffee? Milk and sugar for me.)

We're getting close. I can feel it.

One by one, we're finally finding our ways back out into the world again. Soon we'll be sitting together at the counter of a diner by the side of some highway or meeting up in a racetrack kitchen to get out of the rain or sipping from soggy paper cups in a horse show barn aisle before the sun comes up.

So many scenes of "normal" in my life include drinking coffee with friends, with horses somewhere in the background and another great story about to be told.

It's time for me to get back to writing your stories, as long as you'll keep telling them, and taking pictures, and meeting me for coffee when I get to your town.  

Any support you can offer here will keep the lights and wifi on, the office rent paid, gas in the tank, and the computers humming.

The next time you drive down the main street of some town late at night and see the lights on in one window of an otherwise big, dark office building, think of me...and remember that you can read what I'm writing about tonight when you wake up tomorrow.  I hope you will help keep that one lonely light shining in the night.

Thank you, friends.