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Thank you for checking out HoopDimes and clicking on the Buy Me A Coffee link! I'm Dennis Velasco and I've been writing about the NBA since the mid-2000s.

HoopDimes is my third shot at independent publishing about basketball. The first one, was a fantasy basketball-focused blog that landed our content on Sports Illustrated weekly during the season. The second one, saw us partner publishing with FOX Sports/Yardbarker and COMPLEX. What will this third attempt bring? I HAVE NO IDEA!

But, I do know this... despite having the passion for this beautiful game, it takes time and money to be an indie publication. So, this is where you can give us the assist!

Any support, any time you can, is appreciated! Coffee keeps us awake and writing, so know that we're immeasurably grateful and ready to drop a hoop dime your way!


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