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Welcome to the House of #EdTech, I'm Christopher J. Nesi.

My day job is teaching high school social studies and collegiate communication and leadership courses.

But every two weeks, when the kids are in bed, I tuck myself away and record the House of #EdTech.

Sometimes I talk about apps and tools – like Twitter, Nearpod, Flipgrid, and more!

Sometimes I talk with people about things that are exciting in their classrooms and schools – like Stacey Lindes, Laura Fleming, Bruce Reicher, Derek Larson, and Nathan Nagele.

But the main purpose is to talk about things you can use in your school or classroom TOMORROW!

The podcast would not be possible without my generous sponsors - so thanks to them.

But I'm also incredibly grateful to those of you supporting me here on Patreon.

In exchange for your support, I will be able to continue creating a podcast that will improve education.

Whether you contribute or not, the best support you can give is just listening to the show and sharing it with others who will also find value in the content I'm creating.

Thank you,

- Chris