Host a paid Zoom event for your fans

A fast and beautiful way to set up a party, group office hours, music session, or just about anything you can do over a video call. You can also set a limit on the no. of attendees, and ask questions before the event.

How to set up an event?

  1. Log in to your Buy Me a Coffee account, and head over to the Extras page.

  2. Choose ‘Start from Scratch’ or use the pre-filled ‘Zoom event’ template.

  3. Set a price for the ticket, and add a short description if you like.

  4. Enter your Zoom call information in the ‘Confirmation message’ area.

  5. Use ‘Questions’ field if you have anything to ask your attendees (for e.g., ‘what do you expect to get out of this event?)

  6. Click ‘Add this extra’ and you’re all set!

  7. Share your BMC page with your audience. They can now join the event in a few clicks 🎉

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you support?

We accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and all major credit cards.

Can I use alternatives like Google Meet instead of Zoom?

Absolutely. In fact, half of the events we see are hosted outside of Zoom, such as Google Hangouts, Houseparty, and Instagram. As long as you have a way to give private access to your attendees, it’s all good.

How do I get in touch with my attendees?

You can message your attendees within BMC. They will be notified via email. You can also view and export their emails if you’d like to use a separate email software.

What if someone joins the event without paying?

Waiting Room feature on Zoom lets you control who joins your event. If your link was shared with someone who did not pay, you do not have to invite them to join.

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