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Our mission at HowToSailing is to introduce travelers to the serenity and sensational ventures of sailing. We are inspired to invite as many sailors as we can to join us to experience the magnificent world of sailing together. Once travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines dissipate due to Covid-19

There is no time limit or a specific date we have planned. Our main objective is to make meaningful memorable connections and share the simple joy of sailing with as many people as we can. We have a mission to build a community of fellow sailors through our YouTube Channel, HowToSailing because we want to connect with others who have a love for sailing. Our goal with the channel is to simply create captivating content, construct a solid fan base with fellow sailors, and someday soon invite people from around the world on an adventure

HowToSailing is not an average sailing channel. We were inspired by the adventurous spirit of, Alex Rust of Chasing Bubbles, who had an endless thirst for travel and experiences. Sailing is a wonderful experience and worth sharing with others, so we aspire to someday begin the adventure. We want others to experience the delight, freedom, and exploration of sailing. It is all about the adventure, the moments that count for a one-of-a-kind experience. The excitement of traveling to a new location is riveting and represents the worth of cruising life as adventure awaits among every wave.

We want to share our passion for sailing with others and allow those who have a love for the sea to experience the freedom of sailing, reaching goals, and making memories in the miles of water we pass through. HowToSailing desires to introduce amateur sailors and travelers alike who would otherwise not be able to sail or experience being on a sailboat to share our adventures as a group and create meaningful memories unified by the power of the sea. It is our heart to see the world and all it has to offer, and this dream means more when we have others to come aboard and experience it with.

It is the freedom that we feel when we traverse unfamiliar seas that bring us to unique landmarks, introduce us to different people, and grant us exhilarating opportunities we could not have without sailing. At HowToSailing, we chase after meaningful memories and connections through sailing and the bliss it bestows on its travelers. We want to see the radiance of sunshine, the deep ocean blue waters, and the wildlife that surrounds our journey with others who have the same drive to explore as we do. Sailing is a once in a lifetime experience. It is unlike any other form of travel because it is a remote experience that requires a free spirit and a willingness to throw off the dock lines and just go for the sake of adventure. We started HowToSailing because we want other explorers to accomplish their sailing goals, experience the significance of sailing, and most of all, enjoy the voyage with us.