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Unlock exclusive posts and messages
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Support me on a monthly basis
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Unlock exclusive posts and messages
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I Love HQ Tabs!!!
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Support me on a monthly basis
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Unlock exclusive posts and messages
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HIGHLY IMPORTANT, If able please read to the end!

Hello, if you're here it means that you are, just like me, a guitar player or any other instrument player. It doesn't matter if you're new, intermediate or advanced, here you'll find easy to read tabs for guitars with ALL instruments.

Here's the thing:

Guitar Pro is a music software made for guitar players so they're able to read music easily, being able to listen to HOW should sound the guitar part they want to play at the same time as seeing the notes at the time they're played. If you ask me? Guitar Pro is THE BEST software out there for such tasks and more, even to compose and have AUDIBLE drafts of your own music.

From now on I'm happily making free advertise for GP, but hear my story:

17 Years ago, when I was learning to play guitar, I was lucky enough to get in touch with this amazing software, and ever since then I stuck to it like crazy, If I was going to learn a new song GP was my teacher, I had no music theory education nor teacher nor nothing, and by that time youtube tutorials didn't exist or I was not aware of such things. It helped me to play a solo I ALWAYS wanted to play since I started in the guitar, the full solo of GnR's Sweet Child of Mine (took me a lot of time tho), and this was thanks to GP tabs written already in ULTIMATE TABS web site.

Nowadays I've been working making tabs and I have lots of new songs with tabs including ALL instruments cuz of my freelancer job, BUT... I just realized I could do this not for a company, or for a specific client, but for anyone who need this tabs for learning purposes and also to start getting earning doing something I trully like and respect, because thanks to this tabs I'm the guitar player I'm now.


Q: "So WTF are you offering me now that ULTIMATE TABS or other TABS sites do not already have?" you may be asking by now...

Well, the simple answer is:

- High quality and very accurate Guitar pro tabs including ALL instruments.

- 100 ALL instruments Guitar Pro database tabs you won't find anywhere else.

- 30 New ALL instrument Guitar Pro tabs every month.

Download a free HQ Tab with ALL instruments to serve as a quality example HERE

Q: "And what's so good about that?"

You're able to play your guitar over the other instruments (drums, bass, pianos, keyboards....) as if you had a band playing with you!.

Many Guitar Pro tabs out there don't have all the instruments on their tabs, some others only have one part, and doesn't matter if you're a learning or advanced musician, music is about rythm and harmony, and if there's no rythm and no harmony when you're playing or practicing you'll probably miss a lot of the fun and even the rythm idea of how the part you want to play should sound WITH the other instruments, and the more similar the Guitar Pro track is to the original, the more you enjoy playing over it, and in top of that you're able to watch the tab while listening.

Q: "What kind of songs will I find tabbed here on HQ Tabs?"

Songs of all genres, I'll mainly upload tabs of songs wich have at least one guitar somewhere or along the whole song, but sometimes, because their popularity or just because I like them a lot I'll upload songs that don't have guitars.

Q: "How do I make sure your tabs are accurate?"

Well you can listen to different tab previews on @HQTabs Instagram HERE and be the judge yourself. Please keep in mind the sounds are electronic and may be unnatural, but as you listen to the melodies, chord progression, bass, drums and even voice melodies, you'll notice that they are EXTREMELY similar to the original song.

Q: "Why taking the time to tab ALL instruments instead of guitars only?"

Cuz when I was learning and I only had Guitar Pro to practice, I coudn't find many tabs with all instruments, I really enjoyed the thing with the whole instrumentation, because it allowed me to play along with the track over and over while listening how my interpretation was getting closer to fit with the music sounding in the Guitar Pro. By that time, full tabs where very hard to find tried to find, and even today you don't find these tabs with all the instruments easily. And I'm taking a guess here, you'll enjoy having tabs with all the instruments just as much as I did back then and now!

Q: "Will be my Guitar Pro version able to open and play your tabs?"

You'll need Guitar Pro 7.5 to open this files. I could export to GP5 but there's a compatibility problem where bass notes dissapear when opening in older versions.

Q: "Uhhhmmm.... What is Guitar Pro again?"

If you want to learn more about guitar pro please go check their website by clicking HERE ;).

Q: "Can you make specific tabs?"

Yes, if you like my tabs and need a specific Guitar Pro Tab with ALL instruments, please feel free to send me a mail with a youtube link to the track, or the MP3 file of the song.

This custom tabs will be private and will have a price depending on many factors.

Q: "Dude... you didn't give me the mail!?"

Ooops, here it is: [email protected]

Q: "Who is behind HQ Tabs"?

That would be me, Manuel Escobar, a musician with lots of succesfully finished music related freelance works on Upwork, but don't take my word for it, go check my Upwork profile and all the great feedback I've got HERE!
This made me realize I had a talent for this. I've always used Guitar Pro as my main tool, so I realized If I started doing this I'd have half the work done, Cuz I have lots of tabs (made by me and sold to other clients) that I can use to start a page, AND, ofcourse I'll be making all tabs on the site, unless I find a need to start growing up and find people to help me deliver more TABS monthly if the people, specially YOU who's reading right now, does want it like that!
Learn more about myself on my instagram HERE.

So if you've read all your way down here it means you're somewhat interested in this tabs, this is my invitation for you to give yourself a piece of high quality tab LIKE NO OTHER out there as you help me get earnings while doing something I love, I hope you like it and be able to become a member! I'll be posting many tabs, If you want to stay updated to what tabs are new to the site, please follow my Instagram: @HQtabs

(I don't know how to set a mailing list, but promise as I advance on this project I'll be getting into that)

Also you'll be able to make suggestion for Tabs to be posted in the site.

I'll really need your interactions here for that matter!

Good vibes for everyone, and don't be a stranger!