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I use Twitch, Tumblr, and Twitter right now.

I have many interests! I am adhd, I consider myself disabled which is a new thing for me ( yay self-acceptance!). This self-acceptance has been one reason that going to school at this time is “sticking”, because I am asking for and utilizing resources I need to be able to learn (disability resources, extra time on tests, etc.).

I have started school due to a variety of reasons, and it is an incredibly huge thing for me to be doing and to be trying as hard as I am at it. I have a large focus in Art History, or Anthropology (like cultural anthropology as well as medical anthropology), but as I mentioned I have a wide array of interests so we will see where my path leads!

Outside of this traditional type of academia education, I intend to pursue bodywork education, including yoga. The idea I envision would be to be able to have a degree to sustain living in this society that I live in, and for my bodywork to be offered completely free of charge. I believe many have lost touch with touch itself, with our bodies, and with our soul + mind + body overall connection. I truly believe in attacking a problem from all angles, and for me this is through a formal education as well as the nuanced education that lies outside of the contrictions of organized academia. I feel that my time spent working the jobs that were available to me prior to me furthering my secondary education, also educated me immensely on various perceptions and experiences of this life. I have much love to give and profess and to share, but it is frustrating when it feels unfocused in my pursuit. Thus my plan was born. 

Thank you for reading.