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The Ultimate Hurricane Guide 2021


Living in Florida, it’s accepted and expected to have to ride out a hurricane or two. Some think it’s the price they pay in exchange for living in a tropical oasis and take it casually. Residents have even become accustomed to throwing “hurricane parties” – sort of a Floridian snow day for grownups.

But in 2017, Hurricane Irma was the wake up call that Florida needed. During many past hurricanes, one coast was able to evacuate to the other to safety, but in this case, an extremely unpredictable and large storm faced down the entire state and both coasts. In the days leading up to Irma’s landfall and the largest evacuation in Florida’s history, an overwhelming sense of dread quickly spread amplified by media. Many Floridians found themselves in a moment of panic, especially when all the major stores were depleted of food and water. Looking back on the experience, there was so much information buzzing around – some helpful and some dangerous misinformation. It needed to be brought all together in one place so that valuable time was not lost during the next evacuation. Thus, Florida’s Ultimate Hurricane Survival Guide was created. Thanks for your support and stay safe!