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Margriet Pronk

Margriet Pronk

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1962 | married | mother | app developer | painter| webdesign | 2 dogs

At the age of 56 I started to learn programming apps. I did that through Udemy. First I started with Xcode and then I switched to Flutter, because in that language you make one app for IOS and Android.

Another hobby of me is resin / epoxy. One of the problems I had was how much resin I had to mix for my projects. It was always to much or to little. That was the reason my first app was the “Resin Calculator” , later called the EpoxyCalc

Now my first app is in the App Store AND in the Google Play Store! The app has no advertising because the earning from that was to less, that I didn’t want to border the users with it.

If you have a lot of convenience with the app, will you buy me a cup of coffee?