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Hey 👋 I have been into make up, costumes, wigs and manga pretty much my entire life but I always had an excuse to not start into Cosplay based on my own insecurities.

During this pandemic, I had too much spare time to overthink and overplan a lot and I decided that it is time. It is time to shut those insecurities up and start doing what I love.

Something that this pandemic gave me was plenty of time to plan and to research but it did not give me much time to work and save money.

A lot of my friends told me to use this website to try and asking for help on following my desires and dreams so I decided to give it a try.

For those who donate, I am really really thankful and I apreciate you helping me to achieve my goals.

And for those who, as myself, cannot afford to donate actual, just by following my instagram and subscriving to my youtube channel, you are already helping me achieve my goals.

Thank you so very much to each and every one of you 💜


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