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OC SCENE [Short Read Scene Fic ]

Jan 12, 2022

《    "Will you join me?" Those were the last words Dreamshot remembered before she took the dream entity's hand and join. What else did she have? She lost her friend Bird in her battle with Wind. This set off the chain events leading up to the bad ending of this story, Any light that Solis had went dark. Her hair now engulfed in blue flames, her eyes black with red pupils and crystal shards formed wings out of her back. Her arms scarred up. She got her revenge and killed Wind but what did revenge accomplish? Killing Wind didn't bring back her friends. All of them, gone. With nothing left she decided to embrace the darkness with open arms.

Dreamshot roamed the airs, killing any living thing in sight. She grew a never ending appetite for blood that couldn't be satisfied.

"S-sun?" The voice caused Dreamshot to stop in her tracks. Her eyes darting her surroundings before they landed on Bird's ghost.

Bird...? But how?

Bird's spirit approached her friend. But she could no longer recognize her beloved Sun. Tears welled up in her eyes as she grabbed the collar of Dreamshot's shirt. "H-HOW COULD YOU!?!? HOW COULD YOU JOIN LUCIDFIER AFTER EVERYTHING! MY SUN! MY SUN! HOW COULD YOU LET THE DARKNESS TAKE AWAY YOUR LIGHT!"

Dreamshot's eyebrows furrowed up, her eyes dilated as tears formed. How could this have happened. How could she allow herself to submit to the evils that manipulated her? "I- I-" Dreamshot couldn't even get a sentence out before she started clenching her head. This couldn't be real, This had to just be another fucked up nightmare. Another manipulation... 


 One shot of Dreamshot written by Aaliyah Lloyd,  illustrated by me, this is from her story. Basically, a collaboration of our unique characters for this one.

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