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A podcast about leftist politics, new political imaginaries, and sometimes weird shit like aliens and the supernatural. Recorded in Troy NY by Chris, David, and Britney.

You walk into a room. There is an empty chair, a chocolate cake, and a mobile device. You sit down in the chair and carefully carve yourself a slice of cake. You use the mobile device to access the Ironweeds podcast and are transported to a world of leftist politics and beautiful wildflowers. You are soothed by the melodic voices of David, Britney, and Chris. You are, at long last, at peace. 

I shouldn't have written this while hungry. Thank you for your support. 

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You all are killing it.

Joshua Defibaugh
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I Love your podcast! Informative and hilarious!!!

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😻 😻 

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finally cracked into my first Ep, love it!

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Why is it so gottam hard to throw you folks an actual hammy?? I can only give you money in whole number multiples of "coffees," which appears to be $3. I WAS PROMISED THAT I COULD GIVE YOU A HAMMY. OR A HALF-HAMMY. OR A DECIHAMMY.

Joshua Defibaugh
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Thanks for a great show!

Thanks for your support comrade! Check your email for a link to some extra special ~C~O~N~T~E~N~T~

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Thank you!!! Live long and prosper.