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K Kane
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Thanks so much for the "How to get Bluetooth headphones to work with Ubuntu" article from August 2018. I recently bought a Mpow Flame headset and have been struggling to pair it with my Ubuntu 16.04 laptop. Following the steps you outlined to use blueman, I was able to pair it (trying to do so with the standard BT manager would lock up the OS) and then change the audio profile. Thank you!

Thank you! Glad it helped

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Really clearly explained how to get my bluetooth in Xubuntu 16.04 working! I wonder why the need to comment out the if exist condition, it seems as if the flag for existing should work properly. still I am grateful

Cheers! You might not need to remove the ifexists. If I remember correctly, for me it solved an issue with having to restart Pulseauto but it might been a specific issue of my system

Ranjani Nagarajan
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Thanks so much for your blog on setting up bluetooth headphones on ubuntu! Saved me many hours of debugging! 

Wow, thanks very generous! I am glad the blog helped

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Thanks for posting this useful article!